“Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment” quotes

Movie Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment
Title Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment
Year 1985
Director Jerry Paris
Genre Comedy
Plot – Police commander Lassard is very concerned about a gang who's committing thefts in New York. The policemen are powerless so the Police Academy sends some newbies as reinforcements. They are a colourful bunch of agents, naive but willing. Lieutenant Mauser, who aspires to undermine Lassard, hopes they won't surpass Zed's group. Among the newcomers, Mahoney is the most cunning. When the new team is defeated, Lassard is removed and Mauser takes over as commander. Mahoney infiltrates in the criminals' gang, locates the lair and guides Lassard there. Zed is finally defeated and Mauser returns to his position as a lieutenant, while Lassard resumes his degrees.
All actors – Steve Guttenberg, Bubba Smith, David Graf, Michael Winslow, Bruce Mahler, Marion Ramsey, Colleen Camp, Howard Hesseman, Art Metrano, George Gaynes, Bobcat Goldthwait, Julie Brown
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  • “You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to a court appointed attorney. You have the right to sing the blues. You have the right to cable TV... that's very important. You have the right to sublet. You have the right to paint the walls... no loud colors.”
    Steve Guttenberg - Carey Mahoney
  • “- Lt. Mauser: Any day now, Mahoney, and your little ass is mine.
    - Carey Mahoney: You wanted to see me, sir?
    - Lt. Mauser: Mahoney, didn't your mother teach you how to knock?
    - Carey Mahoney: It depends. Sir? I hope this isn't going to be too personal? I heard what you said about my little butt and I don't know how to break this to you, sir, but...” (continue)
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    Art Metrano - Lt. Mauser
    Steve Guttenberg - Carey Mahoney
  • “- Chief Hurst: Mauser, you're the most incredible ass-kisser I have ever seen.
    - Lt. Mauser: Thank you very much, sir. I do my best.”

    George R. Robertson - Chief Hurst
    Art Metrano - Lt. Mauser
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  • “- Lt. Mauser: Let me see your piece. There's no round in the chamber.
    - Officer Hooks: I was afraid it might go off.
    - Lt. Mauser: Oh, heavens to be, it might go off. That's one for Hooks.”

    Art Metrano - Lt. Mauser
    Marion Ramsey - Laverne Hooks