“Back to the Future” quotes

Movie Back to the Future
Robert Zemeckis directed this movie in 1985
Title Back to the Future
Year 1985
Director Robert Zemeckis
Genre Sci-Fi, Comedy, Adventure
Plot – Dr. Brown is a wild scientist who invented a time machine that works perfectly. Brown has just finished explaining Marty, his young friend, how to use the vehicle, when the Libyan terrorists show up, looking after Doc who has stolen their plutonium, the time machine’s propellant. They take him out and Marty manages to run away by activating the vehicle, which brings him back to 1955. Here he meets his still young parents and misadventures are to follow. It is now a classic, a movie that spreads nostalgia for the ‘50s and the Reganian period. This clever screenplay is directed by Zemeckis and produced by Spielberg.
All actors – Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Crispin Glover, Thomas F. Wilson, Claudia Wells, Marc McClure, Wendie Jo Sperber, George DiCenzo, Frances Lee McCain, James Tolkan, J.J. Cohen, Casey Siemaszko, Billy Zane, Harry Waters Jr., Donald Fullilove, Lisa Freeman, Cristen Kauffman, Elsa Raven, Will Hare, Ivy Bethune, Jason Marin, Katherine Britton, Jason Hervey, Maia Brewton, Courtney Gains, Richard L. Duran, Jeff O'Haco, Johnny Green, Jamie Abbott, Norman Alden, Read Morgan, Sachi Parker, Robert Krantz, Gary Riley, Karen Petrasek, George 'Buck' Flower, Tommy Thomas, Granville 'Danny' Young, David Harold Brown, Lloyd L. Tolbert, Paul Hanson, Lee Brownfield, Robert DeLapp, Walter Scott, Charles L. Campbell, Deborah Harmon, Janine King, Huey Lewis, Tom Tangen
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