“Don't Tell Her It's Me” quotes

Movie Don't Tell Her It's Me
Title Don't Tell Her It's Me
Year 1990
Director Malcolm Mowbray
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – Young Gus is not lucky: because of an illness, he has gained weight and has lost his hair, which made him become an introvert. Not accepted by girls, he has found refuge in drawing comics. However his sister Lizzie wants to see him overcome this difficult moment and maybe even get married. Very romantic, but also practical in case of necessity - she writes successful novelettes - Lizzie thinks of Emily, a journalist, although she is already engaged to the cheater Trout. However Gus, in his sister's opinion, has to be transformed. Determined to make him a sex symbol, Lizzie has Gus wear blue contact lenses and a hairpiece with hair streaming over his shoulders. She makes him say short sentences and use a deep seductive voice and finally she makes him show off a powerful bike. The character created by her fertile writer mind is successful, until Emily discovers the deception. Spite and fury are her first reactions, but then the girl understands that, behind the long hair and his bullyish manners, is the true, shy, lovable Gus.
All actors – Shelley Long, Steve Guttenberg, Jami Gertz, Kyle MacLachlan, Mädchen Amick, Kevin Scannell, Perry Anzilotti, Nada Despotovich, Beth Grant, Don Hood, Bill Applebaum, O'Neal Compton
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