“Spanking The Monkey” quotes

Movie Spanking The Monkey
David O. Russell directed this movie in 1994
Title Spanking The Monkey
Original title Spanking the Monkey
Year 1994
Director David O. Russell
Genre Drama, Comedy
Interpreted by
All actors – Jeremy Davies, Elizabeth Newett, Benjamin Hendrickson, Alberta Watson, Carla Gallo, Liberty Jean, Archer Martin, Matthew Puckett, Zak Orth, Josh Philip Weinstein, Judah Domke, Nancy Fields
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  • “- Ray Aibelli: Helen, can you do me a favor? Shut your big fat mouth for once! Helen. Helen, wait. I'm sorry! Ok? Please, don't go. Give me one sec... Helen? I'm sorry. I swear to God, I didn't mean to.
    - Aunt Helen: You said I had a fat mouth!”

    Jeremy Davies - Ray Aibelli
    Judette Jones - Aunt Helen