“Tromeo and Juliet” quotes

Movie Tromeo and Juliet
Title Tromeo and Juliet
Year 1996
Director Lloyd Kaufman
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Action
All actors – Jane Jensen, Will Keenan, Valentine Miele, William Beckwith, Steve Gibbons, Sean Gunn, Debbie Rochon, Lemmy, Stephen Blackehart, Flip Brown, Patrick Connor, Earl McKoy
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  • “We're supposed to be normal people living normal lives. Working nine to five, going to church on Sundays: normal. Maiming, murdering, crippling park animals: abnormal.”
    Stephen Blackehart - Benny Que
  • “A word with me? How about a word for me? Or better yet, how about a word for you? Let's see, a word for Tyrone Capulet. Boofball. Dickbag. Peon. Freak. Cocksucker. Shithead, ratcatcher, geek. Loser, anus, fruitcake, lunk, fiddlefucker, dweeb, feeb. Cunt. Assfuck; ah, that one's close to the mark. How 'bout guinea, schmuck, or pussyfart?”

    Valentine Miele - Murray Martini
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  • “No, your grace, I did not know they were topless dancers. Well, they certainly helped raise a lot of money for the church.”
    Flip Brown - Father Lawrence
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  • “- Juliet Capulet: Parting is such sweet sorrow.
    - Tromeo Que: Yeah, it totally sucks.”

    Jane Jensen - Juliet Capulet
    Will Keenan - Tromeo Que
  • “Two households, different as dried plums and pears in fair Manhattan, where we lay our scene.”
    Lemmy - The Narrator