“Still Breathing” quotes

Movie Still Breathing
Title Still Breathing
Year 1997
Director James F. Robinson
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
All actors – Lou Rawls, Brendan Fraser, Joanna Going, Steven Lambert, Chao Li Chi, Ann Magnuson, Paolo Seganti, Wendy Benson-Landes, Katie Hagan, Celeste Holm, Toby Huss, Jeff Schweickert, Bill Gundry, Angus Macfadyen, Liz Mamana, Margaret Bush, A.J. Mallett, Junior Brown, Melinda Martinez, Jennifer Lauray, Tom Balmos, Jim Cullum, Evan Christopher, Howard Elkins, Don Mopsick, Mike Pittsley, John Sheridan, Ed Torres, Joyce Schweickert, Kathleen Couser, Michael McKean
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  • “- Ida, Fletcher's Grand Mother: I know. It's more of a curse than a blessing.
    - Rosalyn Willoughby: What?
    - Ida, Fletcher's Grand Mother: Being smart and what people call beautiful.”

    Celeste Holm - Ida, Fletcher's Grand Mother
    Joanna Going - Rosalyn Willoughby
  • “- Ida, Fletcher's Grand Mother: The problem is, you stop believing that he could be out there waiting for you.
    - Rosalyn Willoughby: Who?
    - Ida, Fletcher's Grand Mother: Your true love.”

    Celeste Holm - Ida, Fletcher's Grand Mother
    Joanna Going - Rosalyn Willoughby
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  • “I have this terribly archaic notion that art should be about beauty... and passion... and, well, redefining an imperfect world in a perfect way.”
    Brendan Fraser - Fletcher McBracken
    [Tag:art, beauty, passion]
  • “Do you think that every last thread of intelligent life has chosen to huddle in either New York or L.A. ? Or do you really believe that this soulless sinkhole has anything to do with real life humanity; namely integrity, compassion, dignity? Y'know what, don't answer that, Phil. Just let me give you some advice. Next time you're driving through...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Brendan Fraser - Fletcher McBracken
    [Tag:advice, humanity, soul]
  • “There are two things I always wanted to believe in but didn't dare. One is that there was one man, somewhere, who was made just for me. The other is that I just might deserve him.”
    Joanna Going - Rosalyn Willoughby
  • “In my day I was considered quite a catch. I don't think I ever met a man I felt could outsmart me, out-think me. How those silly creatures did bore me. Oh, it does cause quite a fuss, that combination: smart and beautiful.”
    Celeste Holm - Ida, Fletcher's Grand Mother