“8 Seconds” quotes

Movie 8 Seconds
Title 8 Seconds
Year 1994
Director John G. Avildsen
Genre Drama, Sport, Biography, Western
Plot – Lane Frost is a young man from Oklahoma who dreams of becoming a rodeo champion. Having learned the basics of the sport from his father, he begins to hang out at the corral. He becomes friends with Tuff, his most dangerous opponent, and Cody, a cowboy with a poetic soul. He falls in love with Kellie and marries her and in 1987 he wins the world championship of bull-riding.
All actors – James Rebhorn, Cameron Finley, Carrie Snodgress, Dustin Mayfield, Clyde Frost, Elsie Frost, Luke Perry, Stephen Baldwin, Red Mitchell, Gabriel Folse, Joe Stevens, Clint Burkey
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  • “- Cody Lambert: That's what we need Tuff, a trademark.
    - Tuff Hedeman: I got one, it's hard, full of juice, and barely fits in my jeans.
    - Lane Frost: Ohhh, Tuff.
    - Tuff Hedeman: It's my flask, Lane. Cody, want some OJ?”

    Red Mitchell - Cody Lambert
    Stephen Baldwin - Tuff Hedeman
    Luke Perry - Lane Frost
  • “I don't like Bull Riders... They're little men with big egos. Besides, he's got one of them skinny butts like the rest of em'.”
    Cynthia Geary - Kellie Frost
    [Tag:ego, selfishness]
  • “I guess it's like bull riding. You gotta stay on and try not to get bucked off.”

    Luke Perry - Lane Frost
  • “- Kellie Frost: They say it's not when you get hurt bull ridin', it's how bad.
    - Lane Frost: Naa, the bulls don't want nothin' to do with ya. They just wanna buck you off and get on with there business. A'sides... people'll heard you a lot sooner.”

    Cynthia Geary - Kellie Frost
    Luke Perry - Lane Frost
    [Tag:animals, pain, wound]