“The Basketball Diaries” quotes

Movie The Basketball Diaries
Title The Basketball Diaries
Year 1995
Director Scott Kalvert
Genre Drama, Crime, Sport, Biography
Plot – In the degraded suburbs of New York, some friends abandon the school to put themselves in worse situations. When one of them dies of leukemia, Jim begins to write his impressions in a diary. The degradation continues and the boys let themselves go completely, assuming drugs and committing crimes. Jim's mother, tired of pain and lies, sends him out of the house but the crimes worsen seriously. To obtain money to buy drugs, Jim begins to prostitute himself. His friend Reggie tries to help him but everything is useless. Pedro is arrested and Herbie too for the killing of a drug dealer. Jim, panicked, comes back home but his mother doesn't let him in and calls the police. Jim ends up in a reformatory. Some years later, he's finally published his diary and after reading some of its pages, he's applauded by the audience.
All actors – Leonardo DiCaprio, Lorraine Bracco, Marilyn Sokol, James Madio, Patrick McGaw, Mark Wahlberg, Roy Cooper, Vincent Pastore, Bruno Kirby, Jimmy Papiris, Nick Gaetani, Alexander Chaplin, Ben Jorgensen, Josh Mostel, Juliette Lewis, Michael Imperioli, Akiko Ashley, Ernie Hudson, Manny Alfaro, Cynthia Daniel, Brittany Daniel, Eric Betts, Joyce R. Korbin, Barton Heyman, Lawrence Barth, Gary Iorio, Toby Huss, Jim Carroll, William Webb, John C. Vennema, Michael Rapaport, Doc Dougherty, John Hoyt, Manny Siverio, Alex Ballar, Brian Ferrari, Tom Fitzpatrick, Mary Ann Hannon, Gus Scharr, Brian Shakti
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