“The Pistol: The Birth of a Legend” quotes

Movie The Pistol: The Birth of a Legend
Title The Pistol: The Birth of a Legend
Year 1991
Director Frank C. Schroeder
Genre Drama, Sport, Biography
All actors – Millie Perkins, Nick Benedict, Adam Guier, Murrell Garland, Tom Lester, Buddy Petrie, Darrel Campbell, Wendy Leblanc, John Richardson, Rodney Stone, Eddie Hailey, Nick Cardona
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  • “When you think about it, a dream is nothing more than a big challenge you place on yourself.”
    Nick Benedict - Press Maravich
  • “- Press Maravich: Kennedy will build houses on the moon by 1970 and you know why, cause he's got...
    - Press Maravich, Helen Maravich: Confidence.”

    Nick Benedict - Press Maravich
    Millie Perkins - Helen Maravich
  • “I am not spending valuable hours of my life just to teach you boys to throw a ball through an iron hoop. This is a way of life, I want players to think. Work, sweat, challenge themselves, discipline themselves, because anything else you boys it just isn't worth it, to anyone.”

    Nick Benedict - Press Maravich
  • “- Press Maravich: A guy once said I had a loose screw when I told him I wanted to play in the pros.
    - Pete Maravich: He did?
    - Press Maravich: Of course, he never took the time to see me play either.”

    Nick Benedict - Press Maravich
    Adam Guier - Pete Maravich
    [Tag:ability, playing]
  • “Pap was right, the fans did want me to give them a magical moment, to let their imaginations soar, and believe that anything was possible. Win or lose, they did come back to see a floppy sock kid with the best of them.”
    Tom Lester - Pete as adult
  • Watching you makes me want to dream.”

    Wendy Leblanc - Sandy
  • “If you'll forget about the girls and cars and listen to me you can accomplish things that you never thought were possible. I don't care if you're short, slow, tall, or small. You can play with the best of them if you'll dedicate yourself to becoming better.”

    Nick Benedict - Press Maravich
  • “- Coach Pendleton: Walker how old are you?
    - Walker: 18.
    - Coach Pendleton: You wanna live to be 19?
    - Walker: Yeah.
    - Coach Pendleton: Then do what I tell you.”

    Murrell Garland - Coach Pendleton
  • “You got something that the richest man in the world couldn't buy: a gift.”

    Nick Benedict - Press Maravich
    [Tag:gift, wealth]
  • “The problem with you boys is simple. You're all a bunch of dummies 'cause you think you know it all.”

    Nick Benedict - Press Maravich
  • When I was in the eight grade, all I wanted to be was a great basketball player like my dad. At 5'2" and 90 pounds who would believe me. I guess only my dad and I could believe it in the beginning.
    Tom Lester - Pete as adult
  • “- Pete Maravich: We lost.
    - Sandy: You can't win all the time.
    - Pete Maravich: When you lose that's all the people remember.”

    Adam Guier - Pete Maravich
    Wendy Leblanc - Sandy
  • “A good basketball player can make up for a lot if he has hands as fast as a gunfighter.”
    Nick Benedict - Press Maravich
  • “You see this circle? The size of this circle represents everything that I know about basketball. But the size of this ball represents everything about the game that has never been discovered.”

    Nick Benedict - Press Maravich