“Atlantic City” quotes

Movie Atlantic City
Louis Malle directed this movie in 1980
Title Atlantic City
Year 1980
Director Louis Malle
Genre Drama, Crime, Romance
Plot – Dave and Chrissie are expecting a baby. By chance, they take possession of a drug delivery and flee to Atlantic City where Chrissie is hosted at her sister Sally's. As the woman is Dave's former wife, the guy is hosted at Lou's, Sally's neighbor. Lou lives with Grace and has always dreamed to become a criminal. He sells the drug but Dave is killed. Lou assists Sally with the legal and funeral practices, but the girl is attacked too by the killers who are looking for the drug. Lou kills them and escapes with Sally. She flies to France alone and Lou goes back to Grace, with a newfound self-confidence.
All actors – Burt Lancaster, Susan Sarandon, Kate Reid, Michel Piccoli, Hollis McLaren, Robert Joy, Al Waxman, Robert Goulet, Moses Znaimer, Angus MacInnes, Sean Sullivan, Wallace Shawn
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