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  • Brooke`s joking comment on her TV commercials for jeans: "If my jeans could talk, I`d be ruined".
    Brooke Shields
  • “- Richard Lestrange: What are you looking at?
    - Emmeline Lestrange: Your muscles.
    - Richard Lestrange: What about them? You're really acting silly lately, Em. Always saying dumb things like that. Always looking at me funny! You're not coming down with something, are you? Don't give it to me.”

    Christopher Atkins - Richard Lestrange
    Brooke Shields - Emmeline Lestrange
    [Tag:body, mocking]
  • “- Customer in Pete's: Is something wrong?
    - Masterson the Rat: Do you believe in interspecies dating?
    - Customer in Pete's: Well, I've dated some rats before, if that's what you mean.”

    Brooke Shields - Customer in Pete's
    Bruce Edward Hall - Masterson the Rat
  • “- Jade Butterfield: What would you do if I died?
    - David Axelrod: I'd die... I'd die too.”

    Brooke Shields - Jade Butterfield
    Martin Hewitt - David Axelrod
    [Tag:death, love]
  • “- Wanda Nevada: Why do we always have to do it your way?
    - Beaudray Demerille: Because I got all the money and the guns.”

    Brooke Shields - Wanda Nevada
    Peter Fonda - Beaudray Demerille
  • “- Bellocq: Leave me alone.
    - Violet: You hate me.
    - Bellocq: I have no time for hate or love.”

    Keith Carradine - Bellocq
    Brooke Shields - Violet
    [Tag:hatred, love, time]
  • “- Frieda: Do not forget, this guy is buying a virgin, so she's got to act it right. You've got to give him the idea that you don't know nothing. It should be like a rape.
    - Josephine: You don't know. Could be a different kind of guy. Someone that wants you to act like she wants it.
    - Frieda: The main thing is to whimper and cry when he starts,...” (continue)
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    Diana Scarwid - Frieda
    Barbara Steele - Josephine
    Brooke Shields - Violet
    [Tag:advice, rape, sex]
  • “- Richard Lestrange: I could never live here with just you! I don't even like you! You never used to laugh at me! You never used to have secrets you wouldn't tell me!
    - Emmeline Lestrange: Well, you're not so perfect either, Mr. Richard Lestrange. I've seen you playing with it, and I'll tell your father, if he ever gets here.”

    Christopher Atkins - Richard Lestrange
    Brooke Shields - Emmeline Lestrange
  • “- David Axelrod: I'll never stop loving you.
    - Jade Butterfield: You can't say that. You don't know.
    - David Axelrod: Yes, I do. I knew that from the very first. I'll never stop loving you. Never want to. You're all I care about! And me. The person I am when I'm with you.”

    Martin Hewitt - David Axelrod
    Brooke Shields - Jade Butterfield
  • “- Wanda Nevada: Do you think we're heading in the right direction?
    - Beaudray Demerille: We wouldn't be heading in this direction if it weren't right.”

    Brooke Shields - Wanda Nevada
    Peter Fonda - Beaudray Demerille
  • “- Bill: Running away from home?
    - Kate: I'm an orphan.
    - Bill: What happened to your folks?
    - Kate: They died. Went down with a boat. Sank. Forget the name of it. Big boat.
    - Bill: Titanic?
    - Kate: Yeah, that's it!
    - Bill: Then your parents died 63 years before you were born!
    - Kate: Which is why I hardly knew them.”

    George Burns - Bill
    Brooke Shields - Kate
    [Tag:death, parents, years]
  • “- Jade Butterfield: Do you think I'm too small on top?
    - David Axelrod: You're perfect.
    - Jade Butterfield: My eyes are too close together.
    - David Axelrod: They're perfect.
    - Jade Butterfield: When I'm wrinkled and fat, you'll stop loving me. C'est la vie.”

    Brooke Shields - Jade Butterfield
    Martin Hewitt - David Axelrod
  • “- Doctor Device: Now, we'll let you down, if you promise never to tell how we do this.
    - Kate: Ok. But, how do you do it?”

    Keye Luke - Doctor Device
    Brooke Shields - Kate
  • “Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life.”

    Brooke Shields
    [Tag:killing, smoking]
  • “- Richard Lestrange: I feel so a funny in my stomach.
    - Emmeline Lestrange: Me too.
    - Richard Lestrange: My heart's beating so fast.
    - Emmeline Lestrange: Mine too.”

    Christopher Atkins - Richard Lestrange
    Brooke Shields - Emmeline Lestrange
  • “I'm so naive about finances. Once when my mother mentioned an amount and I realized I didn't understand, she had to explain: 'That's like three Mercedes.' Then I understood.”
    Brooke Shields
    [Tag:money, wealth]
  • “- Emmeline Lestrange: I'm sorry, Richard.
    - Richard Lestrange: You didn't want to all day yesterday, either. What's the matter, Em? Don't you love me anymore?
    - Emmeline Lestrange: Yes, I love you more than ever, Richard.
    - Richard Lestrange: Then why don't you wanna do it?
    - Emmeline Lestrange: It just hurts right now, that's all. When it stops...” (continue)
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    Brooke Shields - Emmeline Lestrange
    Christopher Atkins - Richard Lestrange
    [Tag:kiss, love, pain]
  • “- Violet: Madame Nell says there's something wrong with you, that you're a cream puff or something. She says you're pathetic, missing all the fun in life.
    - Bellocq: Perhaps Madame Nell is imagining she knows more than she does. Do you think she's having fun?
    - Violet: She's as happy as anybody. Are the afraid you'll get the little casino? The...” (continue)
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    Brooke Shields - Violet
    Keith Carradine - Bellocq
  • “- Emmeline Lestrange: We're never getting off this island, Richard.
    - Richard Lestrange: Thanks to you!
    - Emmeline Lestrange: This is where we live, Richard. This is our home, now and forever.”

    Brooke Shields - Emmeline Lestrange
    Christopher Atkins - Richard Lestrange
    [Tag:escape, home, islands]
  • “I love you once. I love you twice. I love you more than beans and rice!”

    Brooke Shields - Violet
  • “- Emmeline Lestrange:You're always staring at my buppies.
    - Richard Lestrange: Only because they look so funny! You know what you look like now, Em? You look like one of those pictures Paddy had in his drawer. One of his hootchie-cootchie girls!”

    Brooke Shields - Emmeline Lestrange
    Christopher Atkins - Richard Lestrange
  • “- Bellocq: Her father unknown, and her mother deserted the child.
    - Violet: My mother's name was Hildegarde. Hildegarde Marr. M-A-R-R.
    - Priest: And she was Caucasian, or other?
    - Violet: She was a whore, Father.”

    Keith Carradine - Bellocq
    Brooke Shields - Violet
  • “- Old Prospector: What are you prospecting?
    - Beaudray Demerille: Oh, ah, silver...
    - Wanda Nevada: ...and gold!
    - Beaudray Demerille: Shh!
    - Old Prospector: Everyone knows there is no gold in the Grand Canyon!”

    Henry Fonda - Old Prospector
    Peter Fonda - Beaudray Demerille
    Brooke Shields - Wanda Nevada
    [Tag:expectation, gold]
  • “- Richard Lestrange: Kiss me.
    - Emmeline Lestrange: You're all sticky!
    - Richard Lestrange: So what? Kiss me!”

    Christopher Atkins - Richard Lestrange
    Brooke Shields - Emmeline Lestrange
  • “You know what I keep thinking about? A night in the house. I was a little girl, and then I saw David all alone. And I don't know. I just... I wanted to go to him. Was that wrong? I wasn't a happy little girl anymore. Something changed. The first time in my life I was me.”

    Brooke Shields - Jade Butterfield