“Dream with the Fishes” quotes

Movie Dream with the Fishes
Finn Taylor directed this movie in 1997
Title Dream with the Fishes
Year 1997
Director Finn Taylor
Genre Drama, Comedy
Interpreted by
Plot – Depressed and dissatisfied, young Terry decides to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. However, when he arrives at the chosen place, he cannot find the courage to jump. Nick passes by and points out that Terry's chosen method of dying does not provide many guarantees of success. Then he offers Terry a massive dose of sleeping pills he has at home in exchange for his watch. In the apartment, Terry takes the pills, he regrets once more his choice and asks to be taken to the hospital, where a gastric lavage show that he had only swallowed vitamins. Enraged he returns to Nick, asking him the return the watch. Nick then tells him he is terminally ill and proposes a deal: if Terry agrees to fund his wishes in the short time that he has left, he will repay him by killing him. Terry accepts. After a period of dissolute life dedicated to bank robberies and prostitutes, Nick gets worse, recovers his relationship with his girlfriend Liz and manages to make peace with his father. When he is about to die, he decides to marry Liz from his hospital bed. Faced with these examples of attachment to life, Terry realizes he no longer wants to die. Back in San Francisco, he meets the woman who he had passed for his dead wife. She is a neighbor; he reveals that he has spied on her and photographed her, asks for forgiveness and returns an object he had stolen from her.
All actors – David Arquette, Brad Hunt, Cathy Moriarty, Kathryn Erbe, Patrick McGaw, J.E. Freeman, Timi Prulhiere, Anita Barone, Allyce Beasley, Peter Gregory, Richmond Arquette, George Maguire
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