“Family of Cops” quotes

Movie Family of Cops
Ted Kotcheff directed this movie in 1995
Title Family of Cops
Year 1995
Director Ted Kotcheff
Genre Drama, Thriller, Action
All actors – Charles Bronson, Angela Featherstone, Sebastian Spence, Kate Trotter, Caroline Barclay, Simon MacCorkindale, John Vernon, Barbara Williams, Lesley-Anne Down, Daniel Baldwin, Kim Weeks, Blu Mankuma
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  • “- Eddie Fein: Who do you think you are hanging out in the bathroom? The Fonzie? Dad, do you really think Mrs. Novacek hired Martin to kill her husband?
    - Paul Fein: I don't know. Lenny said she did, but her first words in life were probably a lie. Look, we'll find out who killed Novacek. I'm no worried about that.”

    Paul Fein - Eddie Fein
    Charles Bronson - Paul Fein
    [Tag:lies, murder]