“FM” quotes

Movie FM
Title FM
Year 1978
Director John A. Alonzo
Genre Drama, Comedy, Music
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Plot – Q-Sky is a very successful Los Angeles FM radio. The managers think to maximize the profits with inappropriate moves, but the art director and the D.J. rebel together with the listeners.
All actors – Michael Brandon, Eileen Brennan, Alex Karras, Cleavon Little, Martin Mull, Cassie Yates, Norman Lloyd, Jay Fenichel, James Keach, Joe Smith, Tom Tarpey, Janet Brandt
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  • “- Eric Swan: What the hell are you doing in here?
    - Regis Lamar: I'm Regis Lamar, from Chicago.
    - Eric Swan: Hell! I don't give a shit if you're the Messiah from Jerusalem come here to make my life perfect! Nobody walks in this booth when I am making my art. Nobody!”

    Martin Mull - Eric Swan
    Tom Tarpey - Regis Lamar
    [Tag:artist, meeting]
  • “- Jeff Dugan: Do you like music?
    - Regis Lamar: I can take it or leave it.
    - Jeff Dugan: I'm throwing a concert tonight... you ought to come. It's with Jimmy Buffett.
    - Regis Lamar: I love buffets, what are they serving?
    - Jeff Dugan: Regis, you and I are gonna get along just fine.”

    Michael Brandon - Jeff Dugan
    Tom Tarpey - Regis Lamar
    [Tag:food, music]