“Mrs. Doubtfire” quotes

Movie Mrs. Doubtfire
Chris Columbus directed this movie in 1993
Title Mrs. Doubtfire
Year 1993
Director Chris Columbus
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Daniel Hillard gets fired because he makes jokes while he’s dubbing. His wife Miranda is worried about the future of their three children, so she asks for divorce to get the custody of the kids, letting Daniel to see them only on weekends. Miranda writes a newspaper ad because she’s forced to hire an housekeeper: Daniel dresses as an old English governess to take care of his kids and he goes to his ex-wife’s house. He doesn’t get recognized, so he is hired as “Mrs Doubtfire”. In the meantime, he works as a porter in a television studio where he’s noticed by the producer while he invents a TV show for kids and he is hired. He manages to make the flat where he’s living more comfortable and at the ex-wife’s house everything is going in the right way: he gains his kids’ confidence, he notices that they miss their dad and he manages to make his ex-wife and her new boyfriend Stu fight. He has lunch with the producer at the same restaurant where Miranda and Stu are having their engagement lunch. Eventually Daniel gets caught, but he gains his kids’ love anyway and Miranda understands how important Daniel is for the kids.
All actors – Robin Williams, Sally Field, Pierce Brosnan, Harvey Fierstein, Polly Holliday, Lisa Jakub, Matthew Lawrence, Mara Wilson, Robert Prosky, Anne Haney, Scott Capurro, Sydney Walker, Martin Mull, Terence McGovern, Karen Kahn, Eva Gholson, James Cunningham, Ralph Peduto, Scott Beach, Juliette Marshall, Drew Letchworth, Jessica Myerson, Sharon Lockwood, Jim Cullen, Kenneth Loo, Jeff Loo, Betsy Monroe, Joseph Narducci, James Cranna, Dr. Toad, Adele Proom, Rick Overton, Dan Spencer, Paul Guilfoyle, Molly McClure, Andy Prosky, William Newman, Chris Pray, Geoff Bolt, Dick Bright, Adam Bryant, Tavia Cathcart, C. Beau Fitzsimons, Jeff Moeller, Benne Alder, Joe Bellan, Smadar Hanson, Mary Mackey
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