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Movie Harriet
Title Harriet
Year 2019
Director Kasi Lemmons
Genre Drama, Biography, Action
Plot – Harriet is a 2019 American biographical film based on the life of freedom fighter Harriet Tubman, who escaped slavery and led hundreds of enslaved people to freedom on the Underground Railroad in the face of growing pre-Civil War adversity, becoming one of America's greatest heroes while changing the course of history for ever.
All actors – Cynthia Erivo, Leslie Odom Jr., Joe Alwyn, Clarke Peters, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Omar J. Dorsey, Henry Hunter Hall, Tim Guinee, Nick Basta, Joseph Lee Anderson, Antonio J Bell, CJ McBath, Alexis Louder, Aria Brooks, Janelle Monáe
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  • “Suppose there’s a snake coiled at your feet, and it shoots up to bite you. Folks get scared and send for a doctor to cut out the bite. But the snake, he roll up there. And while the doctor cutting, he bites you again, in a new place this time. Finally you realize the snake ain’t going to stop till someone kills it. Slavery is still alive. Those...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Cynthia Erivo - Harriet
  • “John Tubman-Why you back here? It ain’t safe.
    Harriet Tubman-I come to get you, bring you to freedom. I got you a suit. I’ve been living free in Philadelphia, but I can’t live without you. Ain’t you happy to see me?
    John Tubman-I heard you were drowned, Minty. Never thought I’d see you again.”

    Cynthia Erivo - Harriet
    Zackary Momoh - John Tubman
  • “William Still-Harriet, I can’t have you risking your life, or this network, because you’re lonely. Rescuing slaves requires skill and careful planning. It requires reading, Harriet! Can you read a sign or a map? Can you read at all?
    Harriet Tubman-I put my attention on trying to hear God’s voice more clearly.”

    Cynthia Erivo - Harriet
    Leslie Odom Jr. - William Still
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  • “I made up my mind, I’m going back. Without my husband and my family, I’m just a stranger in a strange land. If I’m free, they should be too. I’m going to go get them, one by one, starting with my husband.”
    Cynthia Erivo - Harriet
  • “Fear is your enemy. Trust in God.”
    Vondie Curtis-Hall - Reverend Green
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  • “William Still-Who’d you make the journey with?
    Harriet Tubman-I left my husband and family. It was just me and the Lord.
    William Still-Well, I don’t know if you know how extraordinary this is, but by some miraculous means, you have made it one hundred miles to freedom, all by yourself. Would you like to pick a new name to mark your freedom?...” (continue)
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    Leslie Odom Jr. - William Still
    Cynthia Erivo - Harriet
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  • “We want our babies born free like they supposed to be.”
    Cynthia Erivo - Harriet