“In Enemy Hands” quotes

Movie In Enemy Hands
Title In Enemy Hands
Year 2004
Director Tony Giglio
Genre Drama, Thriller, War, Action
Plot – The underwater battle between the American submarine Swordfish and the Nazi U-Boat 429 during World War II is about to reach its peak. The American boat is sunk by Hitler's men and the few survivors are taken prisoner. On board the enemy ship the Americans are trying to sabotage the enemy's operations. When, however, a strong meningitis epidemic hits the crew and the prisoners, it becomes clear that the lives of all those who are inside U-Boat 429 are in great danger. The boat is stuck on the seabed and the ally attacks become heavier and heavier: the soldiers who until a few hours before had fought valiantly against each other, now must team up to save their lives.
All actors – William H. Macy, Til Schweiger, Thomas Kretschmann, Clark Gregg, Scott Caan, Rene Heger, Carmine Giovinazzo, Jeremy Sisto, A.J. Buckley, Sam Huntington, Connor Donne, Ian Somerhalder
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  • “At the outbreak of World War II, Germany increased its U-boat production by 1,000%, mass-producing 17 new U-boats a month. Hitler knew the key to winning the war in Europe was to control the Atlantic. By 1942, German U-boats, working in groups called wolf packs, sunk over 1,000 Allied ships. Their success gave Germany a decisive advantage. They...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Til Schweiger - Kapitän Jonas Herdt
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  • “In the grand scheme of things, what's one boat? This war's gonna end. It doesn't mean we have to end with it.”
    William H. Macy - Chief of Boat Nathan Travers
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