“Magnolia” quotes

Plot – An ordinary day in the lives of nine people. Linda Partridge who married Earl just because of money realizes she loves him now that he's dying. Meanwhile, his nurse Phil Parma tries to find Earl’s son Frank, a sex guru, to fulfill Earl last wish. The policeman Jim Kurring during a normal patrolling meets and falls in love with the drug addict daughter of a presenter who has just found to have cancer. Donnie Smith, once a child star of television, discovers he has a lot of love to share but do not know who to share it with. Rick is really close to his brilliant son, but he doesn’t want to be considered a prodigious child and he cannot show a single act of love.
All actors – Julianne Moore, William H. Macy, John C. Reilly, Tom Cruise, Philip Baker Hall, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jason Robards, Alfred Molina, Melora Walters, Michael Bowen, Ricky Jay, Jeremy Blackman, Melinda Dillon, April Grace, Luis Guzmán, Henry Gibson, Felicity Huffman, Emmanuel Johnson, Don McManus, Eileen Ryan, Danny Wells, Orlando Jones, Michael Murphy, Pat Healy, Genevieve Zweig, Mark Flannagan, Neil Flynn, Rod McLachlan, Allan Graf, Patton Oswalt, Raymond 'Big Guy' Gonzales, Brad Hunt, Jim Meskimen, Chris O'Hara, Clement Blake, Frank Elmore, John Kraft Seitz, Cory Buck, Tim Soronen, Jim Ortlieb, Thomas Jane, Holly Houston, Benjamin Niedens, Veronica Hart, Melissa Spell, James Kiriyama-Lem, Jason 'Jake' Cross, Charlie Scott, Juan Medrano, John Pritchett, Cleo King, Michael Shamus Wiles, Jason Andrews, John S. Davies, Kevin Breznahan, Miguel Pérez, David Masuda, Neil Pepe, Lionel Mark Smith, Annette Helde, Lynne Lerner, Scott Burkett, Bob Brewer, Julie Brewer, Nancy Marston, Maurey Marston, Jamala Gaither, Amy Brown, Meagen Fay, Patricia Forte, Patrick Warren, Virginia Pereira, Craig Kvinsland, Patricia Scanlon, Natalie Marston, Bobby Brewer, Clark Gregg, Art Frankel, Matt Gerald, Guillermo Melgarejo, Paul F. Tompkins, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Jim Beaver, Ezra Buzzington, Denise Woolfork, New World Harmonica Trio, Robert Downey Sr., William Mapother, Larry Ballard, Brett Higgins, Brian Higgins, Michael Phillips, Lillian Adams, Steven Bush, Mike Massa, Dale Gibson, Scott Alan Smith, Junichi Yanagita, Robert Bella, Douglas Busby, Christina Eliason, Thomas Griffin, Phil Hawn, Miriam Margolyes, Tom Ohmer, Lynne Oropeza, Colleen Pelletier, Dayna Price, Herb Santos Jr., Tom Tangen, Sean Wilson
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