“State and Main” quotes

Plot – Evicted from the original set, director Walt Price is now in trouble: his production is losing money day by day and it is absolutely necessary to start filming again from the beginning. A new location is needed - possibly with an old mill - and Price finds it in Waterford, a small Vermont town. Once arrived however, he finds things are different: the mill, essential to the script and pictured in every image of the location, has actually been destroyed by a fire many years before. The elimination of the mill from the movie will not be the only change that the promising screenwriter Joe must make to his work. Meanwhile, the extravagant stars Bob Barrenger and Claire Wellesey are arriving on set. Problems will now slowly increase.
All actors – Michael Higgins, Michael Bradshaw, Morris Lamore, Allen Soule, Clark Gregg, Rebecca Pidgeon, Ricky Jay, Julia Stiles, Matt Malloy, Charles Durning, Tony V., Tony Mamet, Jack Wallace, Michael James O'Boyle, Charlotte Potok, Christopher Kaldor, Frederic Levy, J.J. Johnston, Patti LuPone, Richard L. Friedman, Kolbie McCabe, Emma Norman, Dee Nelson, Brian Howe, Robert Walsh, G. Roy Levin, Matthew Pidgeon, Danny Hovanesian, Jerry Graff, Timothy Jernigan-Smith, Paul Butler, Alexandra Kerry, Ken Cheeseman, Jordan Lage, William H. Macy, Lionel Mark Smith, Vincent Guastaferro, Linda Kimbrough, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jim Frangione, Alec Baldwin, Lana Bilzerian, Sarah Jessica Parker, Laura Silverman, David Paymer, Josh Marchette, Jonathan Katz, , Sean Patrick Reilly, Todd Brendan, Chris De Christopher, Alan Francis, Darrell Geer, John Krasinski, David Lauren, Cindy Lentol, Molly Levine, Kevin Foster McCarthy, Kate Super
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