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Movie Instinct
Title Instinct
Year 1999
Director Jon Turteltaub
Genre Drama, Thriller
Plot – Ethan Powell is a renowned naturalist locked up in the Miami University department of psychiatry and accused of a series of brutal murders. Powell has voted to silence and no one understands him, so the case is then entrusted to a young psychiatrist, Theo Caulder, who visits Ethan every day and teases him to cause some reactions. As Ethan starts talking, he embarrasses Theo. After a fight with other patients, the director of the department invites Theo to leave the task, but the psychiatrist involves Lynn, Ethan's daughter, and the man revisits the period he spent in Rwanda, when he used to live with gorillas. When some hunters came and stormed a family of gorilla, the naturalist killed the men in turn as Ethan considered the animals his own family. The confession makes him calmer and now he's ready to stand the trial.
All actors – Anthony Hopkins, Cuba Gooding Jr., Donald Sutherland, Maura Tierney, George Dzundza, John Ashton, John Aylward, Thomas Q. Morris, Doug Spinuzza, Paul Bates, Rex Linn, Rod McLachlan, Kurt Smildsin, Jim R. Coleman, Tracey Ellis, Kim Ingram, Paul Collins, Marc Macaulay, Jim Grimshaw, Gary Bristow, Rus Blackwell, Bruce Borgan, Louanne Stephens, Ajgie Kirkland, Chike Kani Omo, Christopher John Harris, Ivonne Coll, Pat McNamara, Vivienne Sendaydiego, Roger Floyd, David Deever, Tim Goodwin, Kevin Michael Moore, Alex Kalognomos, Jimmy Dipisa, Manwell Hendrix, Kevin McNally, Joe Tacke, Bertram Wallace, John Travis, Dave Anthony, John Munro Cameron, Jay Caputo, Garon Michael, Misty Rosas, David St. Pierre, Verne Troyer, Quintin Bennett, Joy Christino, Thomas Joe Craig, Jon Freda, Anthony L. Fuller Jr., Jeff Greer, Linda Harmon, Victor Iemolo, Dono Langley, Kevin McGuire, Tyrone C. Wiggins
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