“Kill the Man” quotes

Movie Kill the Man
Title Kill the Man
Year 1999
Directors Tom Booker, Jon Kean
Genre Comedy, Romance
All actors – Luke Wilson, Joshua Malina, Paula Devicq, Phillip Rhys, Phil LaMarr, Jim Fyfe, Teri Garr, Michael McKean, Lisa Robin Kelly, David Lowe, Jon Kean, Layne Beamer
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  • “- Bob Stein: Where were you?
    - Stanley Simon: Oh, at a nice little bed and breakfast known as the county lockup.”

    Joshua Malina - Bob Stein
    Luke Wilson - Stanley Simon
  • “- Guy: What are you doing in my parking lot?
    - Bob Stein: Murder.
    - Stanley Simon: Yeah, handsome guy too.
    - Guy: The corpse just moved!
    - Stanley Simon: They have tend to do that, sometimes. I once saw a man finish a crossword puzzle after being shot five times.”

    Jim Fyfe - Guy
    Joshua Malina - Bob Stein
    Luke Wilson - Stanley Simon
    [Tag:killing, murder]
  • “Hey folks! Don't mind if a black man enjoys a little bingo in a place of worship? What's your problem?! Afraid I might steal your bingo card!?”
    Phil LaMarr - Marky Marx