“Alex & Emma” quotes

Movie Alex & Emma
Rob Reiner directed this movie in 2003
Title Alex & Emma
Year 2003
Director Rob Reiner
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – Alex Shapiro is a writer in crisis. Because of his gambling debts, he's locked up in prison. His only opportunuty is writing a novel in thirty days. To succeed in the difficult task, he gets help from Emma Dinsmore, a fascinating stenographer. His story slowly takes form and talks about a love triangle set in 1924 on a Maine island. The protagonists are a new graduate, a beautiful French widow and a ruthless creditor. As Emma denies all the time Alex's ideas, he has to come to terms with her.
All actors – Luke Wilson, Derek Barbosa, Lobo Sebastian, Rob Reiner, Kate Hudson, Paul Willson, David Paymer, Sophie Marceau, Alexander Wauthier, Leili Kramer, Rip Taylor, Gigi Bermingham
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