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  • “- Johnny 5: Am not human, but am a life-form, have soul. But him me killed to try.
    - Fred Ritter: Hey wait a minute J5, what do you think you're gonna do?
    - Johnny 5: Pursue! Capture! Incarcerate!”

    Tim Blaney - Johnny 5
    Michael McKean - Fred Ritter
    [Tag:killing, prison]
  • “- Wadsworth: And monkey's brains, though popular in Cantonese cuisine, are not often to be found in Washington D.C.
    - Mr. Green: Is that what we ate?”

    Tim Curry - Wadsworth
    Michael McKean - Mr. Green
    [Tag:eating, food]
  • “- David St. Hubbins: What's that on your finger?
    - Nigel Tufnel: It's my gum.
    - David St. Hubbins: What are you doing with it on your finger?
    - Nigel Tufnel: I might need it later.
    - David St. Hubbins: Put it on the table, that's terrible.
    - Nigel Tufnel: No, I might forget it on the table.”

    Michael McKean - David St. Hubbins
    Christopher Guest - Nigel Tufnel
  • “- Miss Banks: That was Mrs. Tingle. She's sick with the flu. She sounded really bad.
    - Principal Potter: She hasn't been sick since - in fact, I don't think she's ever been sick.
    - Miss Banks: Do you think it's serious?
    - Principal Potter: God, I hope so.”

    Molly Ringwald - Miss Banks
    Michael McKean - Principal Potter
  • - Scott Donlan: Where are you from, like Nor... Norland? Norway?
    - Hotel Manager: Uh, I'm Irish-German.
    - Stefan Vanderhoof: Like Robert Duvall in "The Godfather".
    - Scott Donlan: Bratwurst and shillelaghs... paging Dr. Freud.

    John Michael Higgins - Scott Donlan
    Ed Begley Jr. - Hotel Manager
    Michael McKean - Stefan Vanderhoof
    [Tag:actors, nation]
  • - Nick Chapman: What is it?
    - Emmet Sumner: It's this stupid movie. It's called "Coffins from Hell".
    - Nick Chapman: What is it about?
    - Emmet Sumner: Coffins from hell.

    Kevin Bacon - Nick Chapman
    Michael McKean - Emmet Sumner
    [Tag:hell, movie]
  • “Some people stay in the academic world just to avoid becoming self-aware.”
    Michael McKean
  • “I write with everybody.”
    Michael McKean
  • “Even when there are banalities, they're usually kind of benign banalities.”
    Michael McKean
  • “I believe virtually everything I read, and I think that is what makes me more of a selective human than someone who doesn't believe anything.”
    Michael McKean - David St. Hubbins
    [Tag:belief, reading]
  • “- Stefan Vanderhoof: They had the same prance, the same rhythm, it was like they were two members of the same body.
    - Scott Donlan: I knew a guy who had two members on the same body, dated him for about a half hour, got so exhausted. I'm sorry, go on, you were telling a story?”

    Michael McKean - Stefan Vanderhoof
    John Michael Higgins - Scott Donlan
  • “- Fred Ritter: I thought you said this thing mis-functioned on you.
    - Ben Jahveri: Oh, that is a falsity. What actually happened was we were working on him one day and suddenly he is struck by lightning. And, from this moment on, he's having a mind of his own. So, the government tried to destroy him so he ran away. So, now he's living with my...” (continue)
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    Michael McKean - Fred Ritter
    Fisher Stevens - Ben Jahveri
  • “- Colonel Mustard: Why are you screaming?
    - Mr. Green: Because I'm frightened!
    - Colonel Mustard: Of what?
    - Mr. Green: Screaming!”

    Martin Mull - Colonel Mustard
    Michael McKean - Mr. Green
  • “- Mrs. Tingle: You've been sober, how long is it now?
    - Principal Potter: Four years.
    - Mrs. Tingle: There! I knew it was this week. Me and dates, you know, that's the curse of being a history teacher. Well congratulations, that's quite an accomplishment. Just think, not one sip of alcohol in over four years, that's almost... unbelievable.”

    Helen Mirren - Mrs. Tingle
    Michael McKean - Principal Potter
  • “- Johnny 5: Fred wants to sell me?'!
    - Fred Ritter: Oh, J-5, c'mon, it's just a figure of speech.
    - Johnny 5: Am not property, Frederick! One whose person is under control of another as master, is a slave!
    - Woman at building: That's all we need: A robot who's into equal rights.”

    Tim Blaney - Johnny 5
    Michael McKean - Fred Ritter
  • - Johnny 5: Frederick, I have an important question. Why do humans not like me, call me "craphead"?
    - Fred Ritter: They like you. They like you. Craphead is a compliment.
    - Johnny 5: Oh...

    Tim Blaney - Johnny 5
    Michael McKean - Fred Ritter
  • “- Fred Ritter: You're not in top form, and your backup battery is all used up!
    - Johnny 5: I'm okay-kay, just a few biddly-biddly Bugs Bunny to work out in out in! Perfectly functionality, functionality!
    - Fred Ritter: Oh yeah sure, listen to yourself, you can't even talk straight!
    - Johnny 5: Derf, a life-form's gotta do what a life-form's...” (continue)
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    Michael McKean - Fred Ritter
    Tim Blaney - Johnny 5
  • “- David St. Hubbins: It's such a fine line between stupid, and uh...
    - Nigel Tufnel: Clever.
    - David St. Hubbins: Yeah, and clever.”

    Michael McKean - David St. Hubbins
    Christopher Guest - Nigel Tufnel
  • “- Principal Potter: I was thinking...
    - Mrs. Tingle: No, don't do that, Mr. Potter. We still prefer that bristling wind effect you have on us.”

    Michael McKean - Principal Potter
    Helen Mirren - Mrs. Tingle
  • “- Jerry Palter: We don't want people to reach for their remotes here.
    - Mark Shubb: It's public television.
    - Alan Barrows: They don't have remotes.”

    Michael McKean - Jerry Palter
    Harry Shearer - Mark Shubb
    Christopher Guest - Alan Barrows
  • “- Chief of Police: This videotape will show what he did after he left the game.
    - Nicky: [on the news videotape which is actually 'Scarface'] Say hello to my little friend! My name is Nicky, and I'm gonna kill all you fuckers for no reason!
    - Nicky: That's not me; that's the cock-a-roach Tony Montana!
    - Chief of Police: It's difficult to watch,...” (continue)
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    Michael McKean - Chief of Police
    Adam Sandler - Nicky
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  • “- Fred Ritter: Jesus!
    - Johnny 5: Christ, lived from 1 to 33 AD.”

    Michael McKean - Fred Ritter
    Tim Blaney - Johnny 5
  • “- Judy Randall: Why are you always in black?
    - Peter Randall: Because it matches my soul.”

    Bess Armstrong - Judy Randall
    Michael McKean - Peter Randall
  • - Ben Jahveri: "The warmth in your heart makes others ha-ha-happy".
    - Fred Ritter: I still like this one: "Opportunity is waiting, you need but to open the door".

    Fisher Stevens - Ben Jahveri
    Michael McKean - Fred Ritter
  • “- Mrs. White: Are you a cop?
    - Mr. Green: No, I'm a plant.
    - Miss Scarlet: A plant? I thought men like you were usually called a fruit.”

    Madeline Kahn - Mrs. White
    Michael McKean - Mr. Green
    Lesley Ann Warren - Miss Scarlet
    [Tag:men, police]