“Lost in Yonkers” quotes

Movie Lost in Yonkers
Title Lost in Yonkers
Year 1993
Director Martha Coolidge
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Eddie Kurnitz has to pay a heavy debt, so he entrusts his two sons to his elderly mother for a period. Jay and Arty find themselves living with a moody woman, whose daughter Bella takes care of her. She's generous and sometime later she sends them a letter saying that she's in Florida and that she finally enjoys her life.
All actors – Richard Dreyfuss, Mercedes Ruehl, Irene Worth, Brad Stoll, Mike Damus, David Strathairn, Robert Miranda, Jack Laufer, Susan Merson, Illya Haase, Calvin Stillwell, Dick Hagerman
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  • “- Bella Kurnitz: You guys have to promise not to tell grandma! Jay?
    - Jay: I promise.
    - Aunt Bella: Arty?
    - Arty: She and I have very short conversations.”

    Mercedes Ruehl - Bella Kurnitz
    Brad Stoll - Jay
    Mike Damus - Arty
  • “- Jay: Where would someone like grandma hide her money?
    - Arty: You're not thinking of stealing it, are you?
    - Jay: No, but what if we just borrowed it? I'd just love to send Pop an envelope with $9,000.
    - Arty: Who would he think sent it to him... God?”

    Brad Stoll - Jay
    Mike Damus - Arty
    [Tag:money, planning]
  • “- Jay: He had an uncle in Poland who died. We can say he left the money to Pop in his will.
    - Arty: Jay, do you think the Germans would let some Jew in Poland send $9,000 to some Jew in Alabama?”

    Brad Stoll - Jay
    Mike Damus - Arty
    [Tag:jews, money, planning]