“Postcards from the Edge” quotes

Movie Postcards from the Edge
Mike Nichols directed this movie in 1990
Title Postcards from the Edge
Year 1990
Director Mike Nichols
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Suzanne Vale takes drugs while acting on a Hollywood movie set and risks an overdose. She's saved by a gastric lavage and has to detoxify in a clinic. She's entrusted to her mother Doris Mann, a famous '50s musical comedy star, to resume her job. Doris lives in a villa and to celebrate her daughter's return she gives a big party, during which Suzanne meets her authoritarian grandmother and grandfather. Doris, with her strong personality, has always crushed her daughter who now is forced to listen to her constant criticisms and advices. Even the producers are dissatisfied by Suzanne who then gives up herself to the young and attractive producer Jack Falkner, a sex maniac who swears to love her seriously. However Suzanne will soon discover that the man has another relationship.
All actors – Meryl Streep, Shirley MacLaine, Dennis Quaid, Gene Hackman, Richard Dreyfuss, Rob Reiner, Mary Wickes, Conrad Bain, Annette Bening, Simon Callow, Gary Morton, CCH Pounder, Sidney Armus, Robin Bartlett, Barbara Garrick, Anthony Heald, Dana Ivey, Oliver Platt, Michael Ontkean, Pepe Serna, Mark Lowenthal, Michael Byers, JD Souther, George Wallace, Peter Onorati, J. Roy Helland, Douglas Roberts, Michael Haley, Kathleen Gray, Gloria Crayton, Gary Matanky, Marcelo Tubert, John Verea, René Assa, Natalija Nogulich, Susan Forristal, Evelina Fernández, Neil A. Machlis, Gary Jones, Jane Galloway, Steven Brill, Jason Tomlins, Shelley Kirk, Jessica Z. Diamond, Scott Frankel, Sheridan Leatherbury, Ken Gutstein, James Deeth, Robert Marshall, Jim Cuddy, Greg Keelor, Bazil Donovan, Mark French, Bob Wiseman, Carrie Jachnuk, Beau Lotterman, Raymond Storti
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