“Six Pack” quotes

Movie Six Pack
Title Six Pack
Year 1982
Director Daniel Petrie
Genre Drama, Comedy, Sport
All actors – Kenny Rogers, Diane Lane, Erin Gray, Barry Corbin, Terry Kiser, Bob Hannah, Tom Abernathy, Robbie Fleming, Anthony Michael Hall, Robby Still, Benji Wilhoite, Buddy Baker, Gary McGurrin, Charles Kahlenberg, Roy Tatum, Terry Beaver, Bill Ash, Ernest Dixon, Jay McMillan, Tim Bays, Jo Ahl, Charlie Briggs, Warde Q. Butler, Allison Biggers, Christopher Cody Rogers, Tony Maniscalco, Bob Terhune, Ross Guerrero, Jerry Campbell, Barney Johnston, Bill Gribble, Jon Hayden, Curtis N. Pirkle, Terry Browning, Ruthann Leatherwood, Sharie Khan, Lewell Akins, Raymond Johnson, John Buren Solberg, Larry Larson, Julie Moore, Jan Zabrauskas, Thomas James Trikilis, Mary Harrison, Robin Bernstein, Kevin McCorkle, Wendy D. Williams, Lonnie R. Smith Jr., Lee Thomas Harper, Don Schisler, Chuck Woolery, Chris Economaki, Jeana Keough, , Tim Barge, Tim Card, Steve Moriarty, Dee Dee NeSmith, Daniel Petrie, Burt Reynolds
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  • “- Brewster Baker: You watch your mouth, Shiftey!
    - Swifty: It's Swifty! Swifty, you toad sucker!”

    Kenny Rogers - Brewster Baker
    Robby Still - Swifty
  • “- Swifty: That's it, Brewster! Drive it 'till you hear glass and smell shit!
    - Brewster Baker: What'd you say, mister?
    - Swifty: I said 'where we going, sir?'.”

    Robby Still - Swifty
    Kenny Rogers - Brewster Baker
  • “- Swifty: Kick his ass, Brewster! Don't take that shit from this fungus faced toad sucker!
    - Terk: I'd tell that little punk that he shouldn't be talking to me like that if I were you.
    - Brewster Baker: He's right, Swifty. Be polite, Mr. Logan here's a very sensitive man.”

    Robby Still - Swifty
    Terry Kiser - Terk
    Kenny Rogers - Brewster Baker