“Slap Shot” quotes

Movie Slap Shot
George Roy Hill directed this movie in 1977
Title Slap Shot
Year 1977
Director George Roy Hill
Genre Drama, Comedy, Sport
Interpreted by
Plot – The Chiefs', an ice hockey team, is in the last positions in ranking, moreover the team is facing bad economic conditions. The coach tries in every way to avoid the financial meltdown and asks to three brothers to play in a violent way. The team wins but the guys mark the team's fate because their competitive spirit turned out to be useless. This movie veils the metaphor of a corrupt and rotten society. Hockey is a though but spectacular game and the director proves to know the rules very well.
All actors – Paul Newman, Strother Martin, Michael Ontkean, Jennifer Warren, Lindsay Crouse, Jerry Houser, Andrew Duncan, Jeff Carlson, Steve Carlson, David Hanson, Yvon Barrette, Allan F. Nicholls
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