“... All the Marbles” quotes

Movie ... All the Marbles
Robert Aldrich directed this movie in 1981
Title ... All the Marbles
Original title ...All the Marbles
Year 1981
Director Robert Aldrich
Genre Drama, Comedy, Sport
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Plot – Iris and Molly are wrestlers. Their coach is quite fraudulent and they have to train themselves for the matches. At Reno, they finally have success.
All actors – Peter Falk, Vicki Frederick, Laurene Landon, Burt Young, Tracy Reed, Ursaline Bryant, Claudette Nevins, Richard Jaeckel, John Hancock, Lenny Montana, Charlie Dell, Chick Hearn
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  • “- Harry Sears: Nobody hungry? I'm buyin'. Hey, I'm not kiddin' around. I'm really buyin'.
    - Iris: Real food? Or that junk garbage we have every night?
    - Harry Sears: No, no... Five blocks up the road there's a new Fatburger. It's fantastic.
    - Molly: For once, can't we eat in a place with a table cloth?
    - Harry Sears: It's ok with me but those...” (continue)
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    Peter Falk - Harry Sears
    Vicki Frederick - Iris
    Laurene Landon - Molly
    [Tag:food, health, money]
  • “- Akron Doctor: She's as healthy as a horse.
    - Harry Sears: And you should know. He used to be the official vet at Pimlico. You're way ahead. You're lucky he didn't shoot you.”

    Jonathan Terry - Akron Doctor
    Peter Falk - Harry Sears
    [Tag:animals, health]
  • “These dice are colder than my first wife.”
    Peter Falk - Harry Sears
    [Tag:cold, scorn, wife]
  • “- Molly: Let's stay at a first-class place, okay? Something special.
    - Harry Sears: That's a good idea. We'll stay at Al's Motor Lodge in Skokie. Every floor has an ice machine.
    - Iris: Thanks a lot, Diamond Jim.
    - Harry Sears: Hey, I hate to be the one to remind you: luxury costs money.”

    Laurene Landon - Molly
    Peter Falk - Harry Sears
    Vicki Frederick - Iris
  • “- Harry Sears: You dye your hair.
    - Molly: So what else is new?
    - Harry Sears: Not just the hair on your head. I'm talking about your eyebrows, when you raise your arm - you know, under there - the fuzz over here... And it doesn't have to be vulgar!”

    Peter Falk - Harry Sears
    Laurene Landon - Molly
    [Tag:changing, hair]
  • “- Harry Sears: I was thinking of buying a Mercedes but first I wanted to give it a stress test.
    - Iris: Stress test?
    - Harry Sears: Didn't pass.”

    Peter Falk - Harry Sears
    Vicki Frederick - Iris
    [Tag:cars, destruction]
  • - Harry Sears: You know, there's no harm in appreciating other forms of music. Now this is an Italian tenor. His name is Attilio Belfiore. And the opera is "Pagliacci". And It's beautiful. Now listen to it. It'll make you cry.
    - Molly: I'm crying already...

    Peter Falk - Harry Sears
    Laurene Landon - Molly
  • “- Harry Sears: Every path has its bug.
    - Molly: Every path, your ass.
    - Harry Sears: A hard beginning, make it a good ending.”

    Peter Falk - Harry Sears
    Laurene Landon - Molly