“Stroker Ace” quotes

Movie Stroker Ace
Title Stroker Ace
Year 1983
Director Hal Needham
Genre Comedy, Romance, Sport, Action
All actors – Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty, Jim Nabors, Parker Stevenson, Loni Anderson, John Byner, Frank O. Hill, Cassandra Peterson, Bubba Smith, Warren Stevens, Alfie Wise, James C. Lewis
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  • “- Pembrook Feeney: He just made me mad, that's all, so I kicked him in the scrotum.
    - Stroker Ace: Scrotum?
    - Lugs Harvey: What's a scrotum?
    - Stroker Ace: I dunno.
    - Lugs Harvey: I think I'll find out.”

    Loni Anderson - Pembrook Feeney
    Burt Reynolds - Stroker Ace
    Jim Nabors - Lugs
  • “- Stroker Ace: The son of a bitch hit me and spun me out. I can't remember his name.
    - NASCAR Driver: You never can, can you?
    - Stroker Ace: Anyway, he spun me out. What do you think I should do with him?
    - NASCAR Driver: I think you ought to stick him in the fence.
    - Stroker Ace: Good idea, Neil.”

    Burt Reynolds - Stroker Ace
    Neil Bonnett - NASCAR Driver
    [Tag:memory, name, revenge]
  • “- Stroker Ace: I thought all actors were egotistical hypochondriac sissies.
    - Doc Seegle: Well, they are. But I like'em.”

    Burt Reynolds - Stroker Ace
    John Byner - Doc Seegle
  • “- Stroker Ace: Lugs, who's driving number 10?
    - Lugs Harvey: What are you talkin' about? You ought to know who that is, it's Aubrey James. He's only been tryin' to kill you for two years!”

    Burt Reynolds - Stroker Ace
    Jim Nabors - Lugs
  • “- Stroker Ace: What are you doin' now, Dad?
    - Dad Seegle: Oh, I make jewelry.
    - Stroker Ace: Oh, that's real pretty, isn't it? What do you make it out of?
    - Dad Seegle: Organic matter? Manure.
    - Stroker Ace: Kinda makes you the Cartier of ca-ca.”

    Burt Reynolds - Stroker Ace
    Frank O. Hill - Dad Seegle
    [Tag:jewels, shit]
  • “- Lugs Harvey: I'm not one of the drivers. I'm just a mechanic.
    - Girl with Lugs: I like mechanics. They know how to tinker with things for hours. Make them go fast.”

    Jim Nabors - Lugs
    Cassandra Peterson - Girl with Lugs