“The Best of Times” quotes

Movie The Best of Times
Title The Best of Times
Year 1986
Director Roger Spottiswoode
Genre Drama, Comedy, Sport
Plot – For 13 years, Jack has always regretted that time he caused Taft’s football team defeat against the Bakersfield’s one. To recover from that disappointment and to wake Taft up, Jack plans to play that damned match again. Thanks to his friend Reno, he puts the team together again. Although Jack’s and Gig’s wives want to divorce, they end up cheering for their husbands, realizing that they still love them. During the last minutes of the match against the hated Tigers, Jack scores and avenges all those regretful years made of jokes, along with Taft’s reputation that finally arises from its numbness.
All actors – Robin Williams, Kurt Russell, Pamela Reed, Holly Palance, Donald Moffat, Margaret Whitton, M. Emmet Walsh, Donovan Scott, R.G. Armstrong, Dub Taylor, Carl Ballantine, Kathleen Freeman
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