“Strangeland” quotes

Movie Strangeland
Title Strangeland
Year 1998
Director John Pieplow
Genre Horror, Thriller
Interpreted by
Plot – Genevieve and Tiana chat online with Captain Howdy, whom they think to be the usual high school guy searching for girls on Internet. When the mysterious guy invites them to a party, the two teenagers accept. The same evening, worried about the delay of his daughter Genevieve, Detective Mike Gage reads by chance the chat and begins to realize that the two girls have been victims of a cybernetic maniac. Gage starts to investigate the dangers hidden in the virtual world of Internet.
All actors – Kevin Gage, Elizabeth Peña, Brett Harrelson, Robert Englund, Linda Cardellini, Tucker Smallwood, Ivonne Coll, Amy Smart, Dee Snider, Amal Rhoe, Robert LaSardo, Andrew Cooper
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