“Submerged” quotes

Movie Submerged
Anthony Hickox directed this movie in 2005
Title Submerged
Year 2005
Director Anthony Hickox
Genre Thriller, Action
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Plot – The US army has condemned them for dishonoring the corps. However, the Chief of Staff knows that Captain Chris Cody and his team are the only ones able to face the most dangerous missions. On board a nuclear submarine in enemy waters, they will have to retrieve a unit of rangers and the powerful bio-mutant weapon they have with them. At mission accomplished, they will have full acquittal.
All actors – Steven Seagal, Christine Adams, William Hope, Nick Brimble, Vinnie Jones, Alison King, P.H. Moriarty, Gary Daniels, Ross McCall, Stephen Taylor, Peter Youngblood Hills, Adam Fogerty
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