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  • “- Doolittle Lynn: Mr. Webb, me and Loretta are fixin' to get married, if it's alright with you.
    - Ted Webb: Go ask Clary.
    - Doolittle Lynn: Mrs. Webb, me and Loretta is thinkin' about gettin' married tomorrow.
    - 'Clary' Webb: Go ask Ted.
    - Loretta Lynn: Doolittle, what are you doin'?
    - Doolittle Lynn: Ted says go ask Clary; Clary says go ask Ted...” (continue)
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    Tommy Lee Jones - Doolittle Lynn
    Levon Helm - Ted Webb
    Phyllis Boyens-Liptak - Clary' Webb
    Sissy Spacek - Loretta Lynn
    [Tag:marriage, proposals, request]
  • “- Mitchell Gant: Aren't you gonna threaten me or something?
    - First Secretary: I will do so, if that is what you wish. But first I will merely ask you to return what does not belong to you.”

    Clint Eastwood - Mitchell Gant
    Stefan Schnabel - First Secretary
    [Tag:request, threat]
  • “- Maverick: Mustang, this is Maverick, requesting fly-by.
    - Air Boss Johnson: Negative, Ghost Rider. The Pattern is full.
    - Merlin: Uh, excuse me, something I should know about?
    - Air Boss Johnson: [gets his coffee] Thank you.
    [Maverick does a fly-by past the Enterprise, causing Air Boss Johnson to spill his coffee]
    - Air Boss Johnson: Goddamn...” (continue)
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    Tom Cruise - Maverick
    Duke Stroud - Air Boss Johnson
    Tim Robbins - Merlin
    [Tag:denial, disobedience, request]
  • “- Dirk Nowitzki: Can you sign this? It's for my niece.
    - Calvin: Sure. What's her name?
    - Dirk Nowitzki: Uhhh... Dirk.”

    Dirk Nowitzki - Dirk Nowitzki
    Shad Moss - Calvin
  • “- Benoit Blanc: Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to request that you all stay until the investigation is completed.
    - Linda Drysdale: What?
    - Joni Thrombey: Can we ask why? Has something changed?
    - Benoit Blanc: No...
    - Joni Thrombey: No, it hasn't changed, or no, we can't ask?”

    Daniel Craig - Benoit Blanc
    Jamie Lee Curtis - Linda Drysdale
    Toni Collette - Joni Thrombey
    [Tag:changing, questions, request]
  • “Get your peanut butter out of my sister's chocolate.”
    Tina Fey - Kate Ellis
    [Tag:metaphors, request, sex]
  • “Angela, I heard Steven was alive. Where is he? Where's Steven? Where is he? Just tell me where he is. Angela, where is Steve? Just tell me where he is. Where is he? Where is he? Please? You've got to tell me. Now, where is he? Do you know? Where is he?”
    Robert De Niro - Michael
    [Tag:request, seeking]
  • “Jimi Hendrix played the National Anthem because I told him to.”
    Sarah Baker - Maureen
    [Tag:arrogance, request, singers]
  • “- Immortan Joe: Put a bullet in her skull. Stop the rig. Return my treasures to me and I myself will carry you to the gates of Valhalla.
    - Nux: Am I awaited?
    - Immortan Joe: You will ride eternal, shiny and chrome.”

    Hugh Keays-Byrne - Immortan Joe
    Nicholas Hoult - Nux
    [Tag:faith, promises, request]
  • “- K.C. Downing: If there's anything you need, I can take care of it for you.
    - Alan Swann: Anything?
    - K.C. Downing: Within reason.
    - Alan Swann: Well, let's begin with some tea and see where that leads us.”

    Jessica Harper - K.C. Downing
    Peter O'Toole - Alan Swann
    [Tag:need, request]
  • “- Valentina: Derek Zoolander, I’m with Interpol, Global Fashion Division. I need your help.
    - Hansel: She’s hot. I trust her.”

    Penelope Cruz - Valentina Valencia
    Owen Wilson - Hansel
    [Tag:police, request, sensuality]
  • “- Captain von Trapp: Berlin. They've offered me a commission. I've been requested to accept immediately and report to their naval base at Bremerhaven tomorrow.
    - Maria: I knew this would happen. I didn't think it would be so soon.
    - Captain von Trapp: To refuse them would be fatal for all of us. And joining them would be unthinkable.”

    Christopher Plummer - Captain von Trapp
    Julie Andrews - Maria
    [Tag:choice, request, war]
  • “- Leah: I want a husband and children.
    - Dave: I'm not ready.
    - Leah: I can't wait for you anymore.
    - Dave: I don't want to lose you.
    - Leah: I don't either.”

    Sanaa Lathan - Leah
    Morris Chestnut - Dave
    [Tag:gravity, relationships, request]
  • “I've given you everything. Ever since we were little, everything you've asked for I've said yes.”

    Rachel Griffiths - Hilary Du Pré
    [Tag:acceptance, caring, request]
  • “I can take care of things. That’s all you need to know.”

    Jason Statham - Nick Wild
    [Tag:ability, decision, request]
  • “Do me a favor, will you? Would you mind washing off that perfume before you come back to our table?”
    Bill Murray - Ernie McCracken
    [Tag:dinner, perfume, request]
  • “- Gus: Clark, could you not pick your nose in front of me?
    - Clark: I'm not picking, I'm scratching.
    - Gus: Scratching what? Your brain?
    - Clark: Yeah, 'cause it's huge.”

    Rob Schneider - Gus
    Jon Heder - Clark
    [Tag:brain, nose, request]
  • “- Po: There's no way I can stop him!
    - Li: Unless you had an army of your own.
    - Po: You don't even know kung fu!
    - Li: Then you will teach us.”

    Jack Black - Po
    Javier Bardem - Li
    [Tag:power, request, teaching]
  • “- Katie Van Waldenberg: No, I'm not spying for you again.
    - Stranz Van Waldenberg: We're just asking you to discreetly tape their practice routines.”

    Jenna Fischer - Katie Van Waldenberg
    Will Arnett - Stranz Van Waldenberg
    [Tag:discretion, request]
  • “- Chief Sterns: What sort of animals might these be, Miss O'Neil?
    - April O'Neil: Well, I can't say exactly...
    - Chief Sterns: Uh-huh, and what makes you believe that they did this?
    - April O'Neil: Well, I can't say that either, but...
    - Chief Sterns: Okay and is there anything else you'd like not to tell me?”

    Raymond Serra - Chief Sterns
    Paige Turco - April O'Neil
    [Tag:awareness, request]
  • “- Victor Laszlo: I ask only one thing. You won't give me the letters of transit: all right, but I want my wife to be safe. I ask you as a favor, to use the letters to take her away from Casablanca.
    - Rick Blaine: You love her that much?
    - Victor Laszlo: Apparently you think of me only as the leader of a cause. I'm also a human being. Yes, I love...” (continue)
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    Paul Henreid - Victor Laszlo
    Humphrey Bogart - Rick Blaine
    [Tag:benevolence, love, request]
  • “- Miranda Priestly: I need the new Harry Potter book for the twins. We have all the published Harry Potter books. The twins want to know what happens next.
    - Andy Sachs: You want the unpublished manuscript.
    - Miranda Priestly: Well, we know everyone in publishing, so it shouldn't be a problem, should it? And you can do anything. Right?”

    Meryl Streep - Miranda Priestly
    Anne Hathaway - Andy Sachs
    [Tag:books, omnipotence, request]
  • “- Lydia Mertz: Russell wants his money, and his CDs.
    - Suzanne Stone Maretto: Really? Well, you tell Russell if he doesn't keep his mouth shut, he's gonna be playing his goddamn CDs in the gas chamber!”

    Alison Folland - Lydia Mertz
    Nicole Kidman - Suzanne Stone
    [Tag:rejection, request]
  • “- Louie Kritski: You want your electricity fixed? Move. Check into the fucking Plaza, just gimmie the rent Lady!
    - Eleanor: Look at my boy. How's he supposed to do his schoolwork at night? By candle light?
    - Louie Kritski: Lincoln did. Hey, maybe he'll grown up to be president, what the fuck do I know? Just gimmie the rent!”

    Joe Pesci - Louie Kritski
    Carol Jean Lewis - Eleanor
    [Tag:payment, request]
  • “All you had to do was ask, and I'm yours.”
    Idina Menzel - Maureen Johnson
    [Tag:relationships, request]