“Suspect” quotes

Movie Suspect
Title Suspect
Year 1987
Director Peter Yates
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller
Plot – In Washington, a Supreme Court’s judge commits suicide and his secretary’s corpse is found in one of the Potomac’s drains. The police investigates and arrests Carl Wayne Anderson, a deaf and dumb tramp who lives there. The young lawyer Kathleen Riley is entrusted to the man’s legal aid. Riley spends her Christmas holidays in prison, trying to get something from the investigated. His mutism is a consequence of the war in Vietnam that completely traumatized him, but he eventually begins to reply to the lawyer’s questions. The man claims to be innocent.
All actors – Cher, Dennis Quaid, Liam Neeson, John Mahoney, Joe Mantegna, Philip Bosco, E. Katherine Kerr, Fred Melamed, Lisbeth Bartlett, Paul D'Amato, Bernie McInerney, Thomas Barbour
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