“Taken 2” quotes

Movie Taken 2
Title Taken 2
Year 2012
Director Olivier Megaton
Genre Crime, Thriller, Action
Plot – In this sequel former CIA agent Bryan Mills is in Istanbul, where he is surprised by his ex-wife Lenore and his daughter Kim, who have joined him for what seems to be a quiet holiday. However, things will go differently as the father of one of the criminals who four years earlier had kidnapped his daughter is looking for revenge. This time it will be Lenore who falls into the hands of the kidnappers and Mills, with the help of Kim, will face a new race against time to save his family and himself from the bloodlust of his new enemy.
All actors – Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen, Leland Orser, Jon Gries, D.B. Sweeney, Luke Grimes, Rade Serbedzija, Kevork Malikyan, Alain Figlarz, Frank Alvarez, Murat Tuncelli
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  • “- Bryan Mills: Do you know how to shoot?
    - Kim: No.
    - Bryan Mills: Then drive!”

    Liam Neeson - Bryan Mills
    Maggie Grace - Kim
  • “- Murad Krasniqi: I have nothing against you. You didn't kill my son, but your husband did. Now he betrayed you by choosing to save your daughter instead of you. He left you here like a dog.
    - Lenore: At least my daughter is still alive.”

    Rade Serbedzija - Murad Krasniqi
    Famke Janssen - Lenore
  • “- Murad Krasniqi: I have come to take you to Tropoje to face you to the people whose lives you have ruined. To give them justice.
    - Bryan Mills: You mean to give them revenge.
    - Murad Krasniqi: If it gives us peace call it anything you wish.”

    Rade Serbedzija - Murad Krasniqi
    Liam Neeson - Bryan Mills
    [Tag:justice, revenge]
  • “When a dog has a bone, the last thing you want to do is try and take it from.”
    Liam Neeson - Bryan Mills
    [Tag:evil, revenge]
  • “He slaughtered our men, our brothers, our sons. The dead cry out to us for justice. On their souls, I swear to you. The man who took our loved ones from us, the man who has brought us such pain and sorrow, we will find him. We will bring him here. We will not rest until his blood flows into this very ground. We will have our revenge.”
    Rade Serbedzija - Murad Krasniqi
  • “- Kim: I was perfect.
    - Bryan Mills: I've been saying that since the day you were born.”

    Maggie Grace - Kim
    Liam Neeson - Bryan Mills
  • “- Bryan Mills: I have to make sure these people never bother us again in our lives.
    - Kim: What are you going to do?
    - Bryan Mills: What I do best.”

    Liam Neeson - Bryan Mills
    Maggie Grace - Kim