“The Last American Virgin” quotes

Movie The Last American Virgin
Title The Last American Virgin
Year 1982
Director Boaz Davidson
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
Plot – Nowadays in California young people live in a difficult and confusing way the passage from adolescence to adulthood. They wander between the school, the gym, the pool, the dance parties and, sometimes, the family. Rick, David and Gary are great friends, always looking for the girl of their dreams. Rick is the most handsome one is popular with women; David is the clumsy fat one who does what he can; Gary instead is emotional and full of scruples. Troubles start when Gary falls in love with Karen but, undecided whether to declare himself or not, he loses time with his friends and competes in demonstrations of virility with his classmates. At a party Karen falls in love with Rick, but he learns Karen is expecting his baby and leaves her. Karen relies on Gary now, who lends her the money for the abortion. Gary believes to have conquered her affection, but Karen comes back into the arms of the cynical Rick. Gary runs away in tears.
All actors – Lawrence Monoson, Diane Franklin, Steve Antin, Joe Rubbo, Louisa Moritz, Brian Peck, Kimmy Robertson, Tessa Richarde, Winifred Freedman, Gerri Idol, Sandy Sprung, Paul Keith
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