“The Sum of Us” quotes

Movie The Sum of Us
Title The Sum of Us
Year 1994
Directors Geoff Burton, Kevin Dowling
Genre Drama, Comedy
Interpreted by
All actors – Jack Thompson, Russell Crowe, John Polson, Deborah Kennedy, Joss Moroney, Mitch Mathews, Julie Herbert, Des James, Mick Campbell, Donny Muntz, Jan Adele, Rebekah Elmaloglou
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  • - Harry Mitchell: She was not a dyke! A lesbian, perhaps... You shouldn't call her names! How would you like it if I went around and called you "pansy", "fairy", "poofter"?
    - Jeff Mitchell: You do half the time!
    - Harry Mitchell: Only when I'm annoyed with you!

    Jack Thompson - Harry Mitchell
    Russell Crowe - Jeff Mitchell
  • “Life would be pretty shitty without plumbing.”
    Russell Crowe - Jeff Mitchell
    [Tag:life, sex]
  • - Harry Mitchell: Your grandmother said that to me once. "The greatest explorers", she said, "are the explorers of the human heart.".
    - Jeff Mitchell: Is that why she became a dyke?
    - Harry Mitchell: Your grandmother was not a dyke!
    - Jeff Mitchell: She was licking Aunt Mary's pussy for forty years, what else do you call it?

    Jack Thompson - Harry Mitchell
    Russell Crowe - Jeff Mitchell
  • “I'm tired of living in sin with my own right hand.”
    Jack Thompson - Harry Mitchell
    [Tag:masturbation, sin]
  • “- Harry Mitchell: Why don't you get the young fella another whiskey, Jeff?
    - Greg: No, no really, I'm a two pot screamer.
    - Jeff Mitchell: I'm a bit like that myself, two and I'm anybody's.”

    Jack Thompson - Harry Mitchell
    John Polson - Greg
    Russell Crowe - Jeff Mitchell