“A Good Year” quotes

Movie A Good Year
Sir Ridley Scott directed this movie in 2006
Title A Good Year
Year 2006
Director Ridley Scott
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
Plot – Max Skinner is a busy English businessman who receives a call from Provence: he has inherited his dead uncle's manor. Skinner travels to Provence remembering his childhood spent with his uncle and meeting his old friends. Max has to deal as well with Henry's illegitimate daughter and a charming hostess.
All actors – Freddie Highmore, Albert Finney, Russell Crowe, Rafe Spall, Archie Panjabi, Richard Coyle, Ben Righton, Patrick Kennedy, Ali Rhodes, Daniel Mays, Nila Aalia, Stephen Hudson, Giannina Facio-Scott, Tom Hollander, Lionel Briand, Maria Papas, Didier Bourdon, Isabelle Candelier, Kenneth Cranham, Marion Cotillard, Igor Panich, Oleg Sosnovikov, Magali Woch, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Jacques Herlin, Abbie Cornish, Catriona MacColl, Patrick Payet, Félicité Du Jeu, Mitchell Mullen, Judy Dickerson, Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus, Philippe Méry, Dominique Laurent, Stewart Wright, Tom Stuart, Catherine Vinatier, Marine Casto, Gregg Chillin, Toney Tutini, Philippe Bergeron, Edita Brychta, Hélène Cardona, Jean-Louis Darville, Neil Dickson, Jean Gilpin, Nicholas Guest, Patrick Hillan, Frank Isles, Peter Lavin, Caitlin McKenna, Paula J. Newman, Moira Quirk, Valerie Milenka Repnau, Darren Richardson, Jean-Michel Richaud, Samantha Robson, Ian Ruskin, Linda Sans, Bruno Stephane, Karen Strassman, Jean-Paul Vignon, Craig Robert Young, , Austin Spangler
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