“Walkabout” quotes

Movie Walkabout
Title Walkabout
Year 1971
Director Nicolas Roeg
Genre Drama, Adventure
Plot – A boy and a girl are stuck in the middle of the Australian desert. In order to get home, they have to face and overcome many dangers. During their journey they meet an Aboriginal that is doing the "walkabout", a ritual exile he has to complete for his tribe.
All actors – Jenny Agutter, Luc Roeg, David Gulpilil, John Meillon, Robert McDarra, Peter Carver, John Illingsworth, Hilary Bamberger, Barry Donnelly, Noeline Brown, Carlo Manchini
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  • “I'd love to have a proper warm bath with clean towels and eat with real plates and knives and forks and have proper sheets and records and cleaning my teeth properly and wear all my own clothes.”
    Jenny Agutter - Girl
  • “That's the trouble with all these series. You always know the superhero is going to get away with it. That's the trouble with Batman and in The Saint. You always know he's going to win all the fights in the end. That's the trouble with all these series. Even Bugs Bunny wins all the time! If we were superheroes, we would definitely win.”
    Luc Roeg - White Boy
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  • “- White Boy: Are we superheroes?
    - The Girl: I don't know. I hope so.
    - White Boy: So do I.”

    Luc Roeg - White Boy
    Jenny Agutter - Girl
  • “- White Boy: He didn't say goodbye to us.
    - The Girl: Yes, he did. That's what the dance was about. It's their way of saying goodbye to people they loved.”

    Luc Roeg - White Boy
    Jenny Agutter - Girl
  • “- White Boy: I don't suppose it matters which way we go.
    - The Girl: We'll stay here. Perhaps the water will come back.
    - White Boy: Where from?”

    Luc Roeg - White Boy
    Jenny Agutter - Girl
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