“The Great Waldo Pepper” quotes

Movie The Great Waldo Pepper
George Roy Hill directed this movie in 1975
Title The Great Waldo Pepper
Year 1975
Director George Roy Hill
Genre Drama, Adventure
Plot – In the 1920s America, many former pilots of the military aviation make a living performing with their aircraft in front of small crowds in the countryside. Among them is Waldo Pepper, who likes to tell the story of his battle against the German pilot Ernst Kessler. In reality, the events told by Waldo happened to another pilot, but he has claimed the story as his. Forced to leave the circus where he performed, Pepper goes to Hollywood and gets a part in a movie dedicated to the duel between Kessler and the American pilot. His partner in the movie is Kessler himself and so Pepper can finally live his dream of confronting him in war.
All actors – Robert Redford, Bo Svenson, Bo Brundin, Susan Sarandon, Geoffrey Lewis, Edward Herrmann, Philip Bruns, Roderick Cook, Kelly Jean Peters, Margot Kidder, Scott Newman, James S. Appleby, Patrick W. Henderson Jr., James N. Harrell, Elma Aicklen, Deborah Knapp, John A. Zee, John Reilly, Jack Manning, Joe Billings, Lawrence P. Casey, Greg Martin, , Kenny E. Bishop, Greg Bransom, A.L. Camp, Harvey Christiansen, William Creamer, Cheryl Downey, Inge Erving, Todd Ezell, John Guttman, Robert S. Holman, Elsie Julian, R.C. Keene, Patrick G. Koerber, Ruby Leonard, James Patrick Lockett, Richard A. Meyer, Steve Moriarty, Wayne Nowotny, Harold Offer, Murray Pollack, James Rosborough, Art Scholl, George W. Smyth, Robert W. Winn
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