“Wilder Napalm” quotes

Movie Wilder Napalm
Title Wilder Napalm
Year 1993
Director Glenn Gordon Caron
Genre Comedy, Fantasy
Plot – Wilder and Wallace, two brothers with psychic abilities meet again after five years. Wilder is married to Vida, an eccentric woman now under house arrest for arson. He has a photo kiosk in a mega carpark and he is a fireman. His brother Wallace is a clown in a circus. The two do not get along and Wilder does not respond to the provocations of Wallace, who does not forgive him for marrying Vida. Wilder has also made his brother feel guilty for having involuntarily set fire to the cabin of a petulant selfish boy who did not want to let them in when they were children. When Vida's house arrest is over, she is excited and wants to celebrate with her husband, who however has committed to attend a Bingo evening. Clever Wallace then woos the woman who, after romantic effusions at the mini golf, is about to give in to him while lying on the bed of the house-trailer she shares with her husband. Wilder catches them just in time to stop them. Convinced, however, that adultery has taken place, he begins circling the trailer with the lawnmower like a madman setting it on fire and causing the arrival of firefighters. Arrested and released on bail, the three go separate ways. Left alone, Wilder returns to the kiosk; Vida sends reconciliation cards; Wallace cannot find peace and returns to provoke his brother. They decide to resolve their dispute with a fire duel, which causes fires everywhere. Saved by two fireproof suits, they are arrested by Sheriff Spivey after finally coming to an understanding. In the end, the reunited spouses sit on top of the trailer and watch a TV show where Wallace is showing off his skills.
All actors – Debra Winger, Dennis Quaid, Arliss Howard, M. Emmet Walsh, Jim Varney, Mimi Lieber, Marvin J. McIntyre, Justin LaBlanc, Lance Lee Baxley, Peter Willie, Daniel Hagen, Eric Whitmore
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  • “- Vida Foudroyant: It's 12:47 and 23 seconds. Time to screw. Let's do it in the booth.
    - Wilder Foudroyant: You're not serious.
    - Vida Foudroyant: Yes, I really am!
    - Wilder Foudroyant: Vida! Vida!
    - Vida Foudroyant: Okay. Let's just find some hedges or something!”

    Debra Winger - Vida Foudroyant
    Arliss Howard - Wilder Foudroyant
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