“Harry and the Hendersons” quotes

Movie Harry and the Hendersons
Title Harry and the Hendersons
Year 1987
Director William Dear
Genre Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Plot – In the suburbs of Seattle, the Henderson family hits a kind of monkey while driving back from a day trip in the woods. The monkey looks like dead, but the family decides to bring it home and call the forest ranger. The following morning, this stinky tiny version of King-Kong wakes up in the house and destroys everything. However, the beast is sensitive, funny and gets along with Little Ernie, who really likes him and calls him Harry. When George Henderson decides that it is time to bring Harry back to the forest, the monkey is absolutely disappointed and causes panic in the city.
All actors – John Lithgow, Melinda Dillon, Margaret Langrick, Joshua Rudoy, Kevin Peter Hall, David Suchet, Lainie Kazan, Don Ameche, M. Emmet Walsh, William Ontiveros, David Richardt, Jacqueline Moscou
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  • “- Ernie Henderson: Shoot it!
    - George Henderson: It's dead.
    - Ernie Henderson: Shoot it anyway!”

    Joshua Rudoy - Ernie Henderson
    John Lithgow - George Henderson
    [Tag:death, weapons]
  • “- Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: You've seen hundreds, thousands of pigeons, right?
    - George Henderson: Of course.
    - Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: Have you ever seen a baby pigeon? Well, neither have I. I got a hunch they exist.”

    Don Ameche - Dr. Wallace Wrightwood
    John Lithgow - George Henderson
    [Tag:birds, legend, seeing]
  • “- Nancy Henderson: The roast is resting in a shallow unmarked grave in the backyard.
    - George Henderson: Well, there's plenty of other stuff.
    - Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: Are you vegetarians?
    - George Henderson: Sometimes. It depends on the guest.”

    Melinda Dillon - Nancy Henderson
    John Lithgow - George Henderson
    Don Ameche - Dr. Wallace Wrightwood
  • “Sometimes you've just gotta wonder if there's any real difference between you and I. I mean, I can be pretty hairy too, you know.”

    John Lithgow - George Henderson
    [Tag:appearance, hair]
  • We both spent our whole lives chasing after that beast and we both had to stare at ourselves in the mirror every morning and keep repeating "I am not a fool. I am not a fool".
    David Suchet - Jacques Lafleur
  • “- George Henderson: What the hell did you do that for? It's my drawing! Why'd you change it?
    - George Henderson Sr.: Cool down, George, it's just a piece of cardboard.
    - George Henderson: Not to me. It means something to me! Can't you see that he means something to me?”

    John Lithgow - George Henderson
    M. Emmet Walsh - George Henderson Sr.
    [Tag:painting, worth]
  • “- George Henderson: He walked into our kitchen and was eating out of our refrigerator. I thought we was gonna eat me, but he ate our daughter's corsage and our passiflora coccinea, then it ate our goldfish!
    - Sergeant Mancini: Where is he now, Mr. Henderson?
    - George Henderson: In the bathroom.”

    John Lithgow - George Henderson
    William Ontiveros - Sgt. Mancini
    [Tag:animals, eating]
  • “I'm not a doctor, but it's got no pulse, it's not breathing and it's cold as a Popsicle. Believe me, honey, whatever he is, he's definitely dead!”

    John Lithgow - George Henderson
    [Tag:certainty, death]
  • “- George Henderson: God, I hate this guy.
    - Nancy Henderson: I'll turn it off.
    - George Henderson: No let me hate him. It'll keep me awake before the coffee kicks in.”

    John Lithgow - George Henderson
    Melinda Dillon - Nancy Henderson
  • “You're wrong. I was like you! I almost killed him myself. But it would've been murder. He's not an animal!”

    John Lithgow - George Henderson
  • “We've got some big guns and some big-big guns but I'm afraid I'm all out of big-big ammo!”
    John Lithgow - George Henderson
  • “- Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: Well, Jacques, what's next for you?
    - Jacques LaFleur: I don't know. There's always Loch Ness.”

    Don Ameche - Dr. Wallace Wrightwood
    David Suchet - Jacques Lafleur
  • “- Pool Man: Do you have a cat?
    - Irene Moffitt: No!
    - Pool Man: Good. Then it's just a hairball.”

    Michael Goodell - Pool Man
    Lainie Kazan - Irene Moffitt
    [Tag:cats, hair]
  • “- George Henderson: We don't even know what it is. We don't know if it's male or female.
    - Sarah Henderson: Definitely male.
    - Nancy Henderson: How can you tell? Don't answer that, honey.”

    John Lithgow - George Henderson
    Margaret Langrick - Sarah Henderson
    Melinda Dillon - Nancy Henderson
    [Tag:genitalia, men, women]
  • “- Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: So what you're saying is you would be willing, excuse me, Jack would be willing to take in this creature and care for it and love it like a pet?
    - George Henderson: No, like a member of the family.”

    Don Ameche - Dr. Wallace Wrightwood
    John Lithgow - George Henderson