“Made in Heaven” quotes

Movie Made in Heaven
Alan Rudolph directed this movie in 1987
Title Made in Heaven
Year 1987
Director Alan Rudolph
Genre Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Plot – Mike Shea dies in a car accident and in heaven he meets Annie, a beautiful guide. She explains him the souls return on earth as babies. They fall in love and would like to get married, but Annie is going to re-born again, so Mike manages to come back to earth too. He has thirty years to find Annie or he will lose her forever. They meet many times indeed but cannot recognize themselves. Eventually they meet in the most casual way.
All actors – Timothy Hutton, Kelly McGillis, Maureen Stapleton, Ann Wedgeworth, James Gammon, Mare Winningham, Don Murray, Tim Daly, David Rasche, Amanda Plummer, Willard E. Pugh, Vyto Ruginis, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Ric Ocasek, Marj Dusay, Raynold Gideon, Zack Finch, Robert Knepper, James Tolkan, Gailard Sartain, John Considine, Elliot Rabinowitz, Tom Robbins, Debra Dusay, Patricia J. Earnest, Leon Martell, Dave Michaels, Billi Jo Rucker, Paul Sloan, Larry Sloan, Lauren Hill, Ann Owens, Tom Walls, Mark Isham, Matraca Berg, Pee Wee Ellis, Michele Graybeal, Patrick O'Hearn, Colin Chin, Carol Veto, Iris Farmer, Theresa Hightower, Robert Gould, Chester Clark, Elliott Street, Michael Klastorin, Meegan Lee Ochs, Henry G. Sanders, David Bethany, Pete Munro, Johnny Popwell, Alveda King Beale, Stuart Manne, Randy Cash, Christen Childers, Jim L. Gassman, Jack Hager, Jennifer Deer Johnson, Dirk Blocker, Irv Gorman, Rick West, Jon Kohler, Danielle Aubuchon, Amy Van Nostrand, Kelly Wellman, Ed Yousefian, Denise Stephens, Doug DeGrazzio, Gladys Lavitan, Kerry Lyn McKissick, Sonya Maddox, John M. Rosenberg, David Paradis, Paul A. Simmons Jr., Daniel J. Vaganek, George Pappas, Kerrie Cullen, Carrie Paddock, Matthew Paddock, Debra Winger, Charles B. Ancheta, Ellen Barkin, Dean DuBois, Gary Larson, Kevin E. West
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