15 Movie Quotes about Anxiety

15 Movie Quotes about Anxiety

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Worrying is like paying a debt you don't owe

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time, but for some people, it can become excessive. It can have a number of distressing effects on your health and well-being and can have a lasting impact on your life. Anxiety is highly treatable, but people may not want to talk about it and feel they can take care of the problem themselves. Your worries may not go away on their own, and they may worsen over time if you don't seek help from a health care provider. It's easier to treat if you get help early. If you feel anxious from time to time, you are not alone. Here are some movie quotes about anxiety.

From the movie: Persona

“All the anxiety we bear with us, all our thwarted dreams, the incomprehensible cruelty, our fear of extinction, the painful insight into our earthly condition, have slowly eroded our hope of an other-wordly salvation. The howl of our faith and doubt against the darkness and silence, is one of the most awful proofs of our abandonment and our terrified, unuttered knowledge.”

reading a book

Bibi Andersson - Alma

From the movie: Snowpiercer

“You need to maintain a proper balance of anxiety and fear and chaos and horror in order to keep life going. And if we don't have that, we need to invent it.”

Ed Harris - Wilford

From the movie: American Hustle

“- Irving Rosenfeld: You're young. You're beautiful. You gotta go out and find somebody else. Get some friends. Alright?
- Rosalyn Rosenfeld: I don't like going out. I get anxiety when I have to meet people. You know how hard that is.”

Christian Bale - Irving Rosenfeld
Jennifer Lawrence - Rosalyn Rosenfeld

From the TV Series: True Blood

“When I get nervous, sometimes I talk too much.”

Anna Paquin - Sookie Stackhouse

From the TV Series: Suits

“When you are backed against the wall, break the goddamn thing down.”

Gabriel Macht - Harvey Specter

From the TV Series: Elite

“Nadia-The human body is 70% water, so we are basically just cucumbers with anxiety.
Guzmán-Excuse me, with the amount of salt and alcohol I consume I'm more like an anxiety pickle.

Miguel Bernardeau - Guzmán Nunier
Mina El Hammani - Nadia Shanaa

From the TV Series: Orange Is the New Black

“Flaca-A test? Shit, I fucking suck at taking tests! I get all itchy and anxious. I can’t think straight.
Blanca-That’s just an excuse for being stupid.”

Jackie Cruz - Marisol 'Flaca' Gonzales
Laura Gómez - Blanca Flores

From the movie: Around the World in 80 Days

“I'll be darned if I understand you city folks. Always rushing, rushing, rushing. Always thinking about the future. No wonder you have stomach trouble.”

Joe E. Brown - Fort Kearney Station Master

From the movie: Toy Story 4

“The panic is attacking me!”

Wallace Shawn - Rex

From the movie: Final Destination 3

“I'm going to be worrying about you every second while you're gone.”

talking to Kevin Fischer

Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Wendy Christensen

From the movie: Captain America: Civil War

“- Natasha Romanoff: Looking over your shoulder should be second nature.
- Sam Wilson: Anyone ever tell you you're a little paranoid?
- Natasha Romanoff: Not to my face. Why, did you hear something?”

Scarlett Johansson - Natasha Romanoff
Anthony Mackie - Sam Wilson

From the movie: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

“I'm sorry. I sweat when I get nervous!”

putting handkerchiefs in her armpits

Kate Hudson - Andie Anderson

From the movie: Irrational Man

“Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.”

Joaquin Phoenix - Abe

From the movie: Diggstown

“I figured since I was taking all the punches, only fair that you share some of the anxiety.”

talking to Gabriel Caine

Louis Gossett Jr. - Honey' Roy Palmer

From the movie: Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens

“- Finn: Okay, stay calm. Stay calm.
- Poe Dameron: I am calm.
- Finn: I was talking to myself.”

John Boyega - Finn