“13 Going On 30” quotes

Movie 13 Going On 30
Title 13 Going On 30
Original title 13 Going on 30
Year 2004
Director Gary Winick
Genre Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Plot – Jenna is turning 13 and she's in crisis because her parents are too apprehensive, her friends ignore her and the boy she likes doesn't worth her any look. Only Matt, her neighbor and best friend, comforts her in the worst moments. When her birthday party turns out to be a disaster too, Jenna makes the wish to become immediately an adult: the dream comes true and the next morning she wakes up in the shoes of a splendid, esteemed and admired working girl in the middle of her thirties. Unfortunately during the transition she has lost sight of Matt.
All actors – Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo, Judy Greer, Andy Serkis, Kathy Baker, Phil Reeves, Sam Ball, Marcia DeBonis, Christa B. Allen, Sean Marquette, Kiersten Warren, Joe Grifasi, Mary Pat Gleason, Susan Egan, Lynn Collins, Renee Olstead, Alexandra Kyle, Alex Black, Ashley Benson, Brittany Curran, Brie Larson, Megan Lusk, Julia Roth, Jeffrey Shane Cohn, George Hine, Philip Pavel, Sarah Loew, Maz Jobrani, Ian Barford, Benita Krista Nall, Robinne Lee, Justin Burke, Sara Swain, Catherine Combs, Gia Mantegna, Sydni Beaudoin, Jim Gaffigan, Corena Chase, Crystal Michelle, Madeline Sprung-Keyser, Richard Whitebear, Shambo Pfaff, John W. Grant, Fabrice Calmettes, Eron Otcasek, Kevin D. White, Timothy Anderson, Adrian Armas, Carmit Bachar, Rita Bland, Douglas Caldwell, Tyce Diorio, Nadine Ellis, Janina Garraway, Stacey Harper, Brandon Henschel, Michael William Higgins, Katie Miller, Nancy O'Meara, Bubba Dean Rambo, Caroline A. Rice, Kevin Alexander Stea, Michon Suyama, Kadee Sweeney, Natalie Willes, Darrel W. Wright, Kimberly Wyatt, Jason Yribar, , Nicole Abisinio, Tara Battani, David Boston, Ty Copeman, James Doherty, Candace Elaine, Amber Gristak, Ward Horton, Carolina Hoyos, Bill Kotsatos, Melody Krell, Jason Makely, Luis Pedron, James Pomichter, Mario Simone, Stewart Summers, Scout Taylor-Compton, Brad Tiemann, Michael Tommer, Larry Vigus, Irena Violette
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