“Assassination” quotes

Movie Assassination
Title Assassination
Year 1987
Director Peter R. Hunt
Genre Drama, Thriller, Action
Interpreted by
All actors – Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Stephen Elliott, Jan Gan Boyd, Randy Brooks, James Lemp, Michael Ansara, James Staley, Kathryn Leigh Scott, James Acheson, Jim McMullan, Billy Hayes
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  • - Lara Royce Craig: Don't you think that's subjecting the First Lady to some risk?
    - Jay Killian: Lamb for the slaughter?
    - Lara Royce Craig: Oh, Killy - what a way with words! Can't you put it another way?
    - Jay Killian: Okay. How about "worm wriggling on a hook"?

    Jill Ireland - Lara Royce Craig
    Charles Bronson - Jay Killian
    [Tag:danger, words]
  • “- Lara Royce Craig: Do you speak English?
    - Indian Joe: Do I look like some goddamned foreigner?
    - Lara Royce Craig: I'm sorry.
    - Indian Joe: Of course I speak English, also Creole, French, Spanish. I'm a native born American Indian, not some half breed immigrant like you all.”

    Jill Ireland - Lara Royce Craig
    Larry Sellers - Indian Joe
  • “- Charlotte Chang: Killy, why don't you move in permanently?
    - Jay Killian: I don't want to die from a terminal orgasm!”

    Jan Gan Boyd - Charlotte Chang
    Charles Bronson - Jay Killian
    [Tag:orgasm, sex]
  • “- Jay Killian: Charlie, get some clothes on!
    - Charlotte Chang: That's not what you said last night!”

    Charles Bronson - Jay Killian
    Jan Gan Boyd - Charlotte Chang
    [Tag:clothes, nudity]