“Hard to Kill” quotes

Movie Hard to Kill
Title Hard to Kill
Year 1990
Director Bruce Malmuth
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Action
Plot – Mason Storm is a Los Angeles brave and incorruptible police officer who investigates an unscrupulous senator, Vernon Trent, who's planning in fact to get rid of him. Mason films a meeting between Trent and the criminals to unmask his conspiracy, but once at home he is attacked by Trent's gunmen. Mason falls into a coma for seven years and when he unexpectedly regains consciousness Trent soon learns the news and instructs his henchmen to kill him immediately. He's saved by a nurse. When the agent recovers, he finally ensures to the police the senator.
All actors – Steven Seagal, Kelly LeBrock, William Sadler, Frederick Coffin, Bonnie Burroughs, Andrew Bloch, Branscombe Richmond, Charles Boswell, Zachary Rosencrantz, Lou Beatty Jr., Nick DeMauro, Nick Corello, Justin De Rosa, Stanley Brock, Evan James, Tomas Trujillo, Robert LaSardo, Haruo Matsuoka, Craig Dunn, Tony Perez, Steve Jones, Francesca P. Roberts, James DiStefano, Dean Norris, Michael Fosberg, Buddy Joe Hooker, Jerry Dunphy, Barbara Townsend, Carlos Gómez, Christian Duffy, Andrea Stein, Eddie Frias, Michael Adler, Geoffrey Bara, Kent Turnipseed, Janet Zappala, Ernie Lively, Frank H. Conn, Philip Weyland, Shari Hueffmeir, Linda Klein, Gary McLarty, James Thompson, Tom Muzila, Catherine Quinn, Richard Kwong, Richard Wakasa, Al Goto, Bernie Bielawski, Julia Stormson, Jack Eiseman, Mickey McMeel, Jim Kindelon, Ruben Avitia, Liam Ferguson, Geraldo Rivera
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  • “- Lt. Kevin O'Malley: That was the most unstoppable son of a bitch I ever knew.
    - Capt. Dan Hulland: Yeah, well... he got stopped tonight.”

    Frederick Coffin - Lt. Kevin O'Malley
    Andrew Bloch - Capt. Dan Hulland
  • “I missed! I never miss! They must have been smaller than I thought!”

    Steven Seagal - Mason Storm
  • “We're outgunned, and undermanned. But you know sumpin'? We're gonna win. You know why? Superior attitude. Superior state of mind.”
    Steven Seagal - Mason Storm
    [Tag:attitude, winning]
  • “- Sonny Storm: Who... who are you?
    - Andy Stewart: That's a very long story. You got a few minutes?”

    Zachary Rosencrantz - Sonny Storm
    Kelly LeBrock - Andy Stewart
  • “Where's a goddamn cop when you need one?”

    Stanley Brock - Counterman
  • “I know what you're thinking. Mine's bigger than yours, right? It's not fair.”

    Steven Seagal - Mason Storm
  • “- Felicia Storm: There's blood on your shirt.
    - Mason Storm: It's not my blood, so you don't have to worry, do you?”

    Bonnie Burroughs - Felicia Storm
    Steven Seagal - Mason Storm
    [Tag:blood, wound]
  • “How do you like this, Vernon? I'd like to kill you so bad I can barely contain myself. But I've been thinking. Death is far too merciful a fate for you. So what I'm going to do is... put you in prison. A nice petite white boy like you in a federal penitentiary... Let me just put it this way, I don't think you'll be able to remain anal-retentive...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Steven Seagal - Mason Storm
  • “- Felicia Storm: If people knew how sweet you are, they'd never be scared of you... I'm not scared of you.
    - Mason Storm: Maybe you should be.”

    Bonnie Burroughs - Felicia Storm
    Steven Seagal - Mason Storm
    [Tag:fear, tenderness]
  • “- Russ: I have to check every one of these upper floors.
    - Jack Axel: Of course.
    - Russ: Can I just get your ID please?
    - Jack Axel: You know, you can't have too much security.”

    Buddy Joe Hooker - Russ
    Charles Boswell - Jack Axel
  • “- Lt. Kevin O'Malley: Let me tell you something, Sonny... one day when this is all over, you, me, and your pop are going to rent us a fishing boat, and catch us the biggest fish that ever swam the seas. And I'm not talking goldfish, either.
    - Sonny Storm: The last time I went fishing with Pop, we caught an old tire.
    - Lt. Kevin O'Malley: Not...” (continue)
    (continue reading)
    Frederick Coffin - Lt. Kevin O'Malley
    Zachary Rosencrantz - Sonny Storm
  • “- Counterman: Who needs the goddamn movies anyway? I got a show in here every single night.
    - Mason Storm: Yeah?
    - Counterman: You've got horror, sex, freaks, violence. I don't got to pay no four bucks either.”

    Stanley Brock - Counterman
    Steven Seagal - Mason Storm
  • My father was a missionary. I spent the first 10 years of my life in China. There, I learned how to fight as you could imagine. I remember going to my martial arts teacher. He said, "Why you come to me?" and I say, "Ah, to learn how to fight". And he's like, "Oh, so you wanna hurt people, but you wanna be great!". I say, "Yeah, I wanna be great... (continue)(continue reading)
    Steven Seagal - Mason Storm
  • “- Senator Vernon Trent: You can take that to the bank!
    - Mason Storm: I'm gonna take you to the bank, Senator Trent. To the blood bank!”

    William Sadler - Senator Vernon Trent
    Steven Seagal - Mason Storm
    [Tag:killing, money]