“Blue Crush” quotes

Movie Blue Crush
Title Blue Crush
Year 2002
Director John Stockwell
Genre Drama, Romance, Sport
Plot – Anne Marie has always dreamed to participate to the famous surf competition "The Pipe Master", that takes place in Hawaii, on the North Shore of Oahu. However she is stifled by her fears, because her favorite sport has always been the undisputed domain of men. Every morning, Anne Marie gets up very early to train, while her friends Eden and Lena work as maids in a luxury hotel. When a team of rich but rude professional football players arrive in Ohau, Anne Marie falls in love with the quarterback Matt Tollman. She has to choose whether she prefers to win a prize or to become a prize. However, her determination is decisive and on Pipe Masters’ day, Matt is there to watch the competition with Anne Marie’s friends.
All actors – Kate Bosworth, Matthew Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Sanoe Lake, Mika Boorem, Chris Taloa, Kala Alexander, Ruben Tejada, Kaupena Miranda, Asa Aquino, Faizon Love, Fiji
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  • “And when I tell you to go, you gotta go. You gotta paddle your little heart out. You can't hesitate, you can't pull back, you can't hold back. No fear.”
    Keala Kennelly - Keala Kennelly
  • “- Drew: You really think you can surf it for real out there?
    - Anne Marie Chadwick: Well, Drew, I dated you, I guess I can do anything.”

    Chris Taloa - Drew
    Kate Bosworth - Anne Marie Chadwick
  • “- Eden: How 'bout you crawl back into the cave you came from?
    - Kala: Yeah, how 'bout I knock you on the head and take you back with me?”

    Michelle Rodriguez - Eden
    Kala Alexander - Kala
    [Tag:argument, insult]
  • “I want a girl to be on the cover of Surf magazine. It would be great if that girl were me, but any girl would do.”
    Kate Bosworth - Anne Marie Chadwick
  • “- Anne Marie Chadwick: Just tell me what to do... please.
    - Matt Tollman: You want me to tell you what to do?
    - Anne Marie Chadwick: Yes.
    - Matt Tollman: You know what to do.
    - Anne Marie Chadwick: No. Matt... I don't.
    - Matt Tollman: Just be the girl I met on the beach.
    - Anne Marie Chadwick: Who? Who was she?
    - Matt Tollman: The kind of girl...” (continue)
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    Kate Bosworth - Anne Marie Chadwick
    Matthew Davis - Matt Tollman