“Box-Office Bunny” quotes

Movie Box-Office Bunny
Title Box-Office Bunny
Year 1990
Director Darrell Van Citters
Genre Comedy, Family, Animation, Short
All actors – Jeff Bergman, Greg Berg, Jim Cummings, Tress MacNeille
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  • “- Movie Actor: It's matter if it's dangerous, huh? I was born in Brooklyn, I dropped out of school in Brooklyn, and now I'm gonna be ready to die for Brooklyn.
    - Movie actress: Benny, I love you.”

    Jim Cummings - Movie Actor
    Tress MacNeille - Movie actress
    [Tag:city, love]
  • “It takes a miracle to get into pictures, and now these two jokers wanna get out.”

    Jeff Bergman - Bugs Bunny
    [Tag:acting, movie]
  • “Seven bucks for a movie! The price for an evening of puerile entertainment is preposterous! I could better spend an evening in the library, which is why I always carry this.”
    Jeff Bergman - Daffy Duck
    [Tag:money, movie]
  • “- Daffy Duck: I'm no rabbit.
    - Bugs Bunny: Well, if he's no rabbit, then where are his ears?
    - Daffy Duck: Yeah, Einstein, if I'm no rabbit, then where are my - oh no, nuh-uh. End of discussion. I've come too far. I'm above all that now.
    - Bugs Bunny: But not above sneaking into movie theaters.”

    Jeff Bergman - Daffy Duck
    Jeff Bergman - Bugs Bunny
    [Tag:acting, animals, movie]
  • “Would you like genuine, artificial, imitation, butter-flavor on your popcorn?”
    Jeff Bergman - Bugs Bunny