“The Return of Jafar” quotes

Movie The Return of Jafar
Title The Return of Jafar
Year 1994
Directors Toby Shelton, Tad Stones, Alan Zaslove
Genre Comedy, Musical, Romance, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Animation
All actors – Jason Alexander, Jonathan Freeman, Jeff Bennett, Gilbert Gottfried, Val Bettin, Brad Kane, Liz Callaway, Linda Larkin, Dan Castellaneta, B.J. Ward, Jim Cummings, Scott Weinger
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  • “Iago, you betrayed me and allied yourself with my enemies! Then you turned on them as soon at it was in your best interests. That's what I love about you. You're so perfectly predictable. A villain through and through!”
    Jonathan Freeman - Jafar
    [Tag:treason, villain]
  • “- Aladdin 'Al': So Genie, how does it feel to be free?
    - Blue Genie: Seriously? I love it!”

    Scott Weinger - Aladdin
    Dan Castellaneta - The Genie
  • “- Aladdin 'Al': Give it up Jafar! We're obviously too much for you to handle!
    - Jafar: You! You're a fool to challenge me! I am all powerful!
    - Aladdin 'Al': Some all powerful. You can't even get rid of a lowly street rat!
    - Jafar: A problem I need to rectify right now!”

    Scott Weinger - Aladdin
    Jonathan Freeman - Jafar
    [Tag:power, problems]
  • “I've got sand in places I didn't even know I had!”
    Gilbert Gottfried - Iago
  • “The street rat is living in the palace now? Ah! That does it! All reports are in! Life is now officially unfair!”

    Gilbert Gottfried - Iago
  • “- Blue Genie: Just let your conscience be your guide.
    - Iago: Conscience? Never had one! Never.”

    Dan Castellaneta - The Genie
    Gilbert Gottfried - Iago
  • “Good help is so hard to find these days, isn't it, Aladdin?”
    Jonathan Freeman - Jafar
  • “- Aladdin 'Al': You saw the whole world already?
    - Blue Genie: It's A Small World after all. But Agrahbah has something that no other place in the world has: you, guys!”

    Scott Weinger - Aladdin
    Dan Castellaneta - The Genie
  • “- Princess Jasmine: I thought you loved me, but now I see that all you wanted to do was rule Agrabah!
    - Aladdin 'Al': I never wanted!
    - Princess Jasmine: He shall die at dawn - for the murder of my father!”

    Linda Larkin - Princess Jasmine
    Scott Weinger - Aladdin